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June 2002
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Utilities Roundup

Form Pilot Office is a new program from Invention Pilot, of Chicago, that helps users fill out forms, including Acrobat PDF forms. It converts electronic forms into a raster image that can be modified, with addition of text and graphics.

It has a shelf for signatures and/or macros, and users can create templates. Users also can convert Microsoft Offices files to bmp or jpeg formats.

Reader Response no. 228.

pdfMachine: BroadGun Software, of Melbourne, Australia, released a new version of its pdfMachine software, which is a Windows print driver that produces PDF files from Windows applications.

Reader Response no. 229.

RAMCHECK DDR 184-Pin Adapter, from Innovations Inc., of Houston, is used to test double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM memory. The adapter plugs directly into the company's RAMCHECK base tester and requires no special setup. During the test the module's size, structure and type are automatically detected and the tester spots bad memory chips and alerts the user with warning tone and visual signal.

Reader Response no. 230.

MoneyToys is a new suite of financial calculators that add online interactivity to Web sites. Each MoneyToy calculator is provided as a single Java Archive Repository (".jar") file and may be used on any web page from any web server. Calculators include Home Seller's Proceeds, Buyer's Cash Requirements, Pay Down Debt, Refionancing, Loans, etc. Wheatworks Software, LLC, of Ruston, La.

Reader Response no. 231.

PopupDummy 2.4 for Windows (including XP) blocks popup advertisements. From k.soft, of Philadelphia , Pa.

Also new is SubmitDummy! designed to promote your Web page to Altavista's new image code system, along with the other 18 major search engines! FTPDummy! 3.6 is an ftp client that helps users transfer your files and manage Web sites.

Reader Response no. 232.

Dream ScreenSaver Maker 2.1 helps users create and distribute image screen savers for Windows. It has 76 transitions effects and 22 font effects. From Dream Software Studios.

Reader Response no. 233.

ContextView Pro is a graphics and multimedia add-on for Windows Explorer that helps users preview image animation, video, and audio files, without opening a separate application or leaving your workspace.

Users can copy to the Windows' clipboard, view thumbnails lists when multiple files are selected, send selected files by e-mail, set image or video frame as your Windows wallpaper, and create GIF animations. From Mystic Media, of Hampstead, N.C.

Reader Response no. 234.

APrintDirect 4.0 helps users create and manage a catalog listing of files and folders. Up to seven different property fields can be selected. From B&P Technologies, of Swansea, Mass.

Reader Response no. 235.

Effective File Search, from Sow Co., is the second version of a file search software that is oriented towards users who work with large volumes of electronic data. EFS features a filter for file attributes, supports search queries in Unicode and machine cod HEX sequences, and implements a mechanism for storing, processing and managing the parameters and results of searches.

Reader Response no. 236.

Web Link Validator 2.2 can handle as many links as the user's machine's RAM volume allows. It can access https resources and password-protected pages and work via a proxy server. It checks the local copy of your Web sites. From REL Software, of Russia.

Reader Response no. 237.

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