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June 2002
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Video Conferencing

The Latest Technology Trends: Hubs and Improved Bandwidth

By Ashby Jones

WHEN the friendly skies turned hostile last fall, it seemed a safe bet that lawyers would put their oversized carry-ons aside and look for travel-free ways to depose witnesses, close deals, and meet with clients. One answer, it seemed, was videoconferencing.

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By Samuel Solomon

THERE has been a dramatic increase in the use of videoconferencing systems, for a variety of reasons that run from post-Sept. 11 travel skittishness to the reduced cost and greater availability of videoconferencing systems and network facilities; improved quality; and an emerging "critical mass" of users and facilities.

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By Ken Conradt

IT'S A tradeoff. Expensive, last minute airfares, long ticket lines, cramped seating versus a cool glass of water and a catered lunch in a videoconference room. More and more firms are making the stay-at-home choice.

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