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June 2002
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EDITOR'S NOTE: We polled members of the technology circuit about their favorite Web sites. Here's some of our favorites:

The most creative Web site for a law firm that I have ever seen is the "Bitches From Hell" site that is an actual law firm dominated by women. It left me in stiches.

--Beth White Kellermann

* * * *; to catch up on the day's news; and to listen to news when I have time. I have been starting to play with to listen to classical music when I am doing heavy writing.

--Carol Schlein

* * * *

It provides me with all the information I'm addicted to:

1. Stock quotes so I can obsess about why I didn't sell/buy when the price was right;

2. All the world, national and business news, so I get a quick overview when I don't have time to watch C-SPAN; and

3. Message boards of all my favorite publicly traded legal technology vendors.

Because of the automatic refresh every 15 minutes, My Yahoo is the last Web page I see before I leave the office for a meeting, lunch, etc. and the first thing I see when I return.

--Joe Bookman

* * * *

Weird? C'mon, everything I learned in life that I really needed to know came from the Wizard of Oz -- especially the part about working with flying monkeys!!

--Tom O'Connor

* * * *

I use it almost daily. I always start my Internet course with it and use it as "my favorite" in all of my presentations.

--Al Podboy (seconded by Martha Sullivan.)

* * * *

I have become a huge fan of Weblogging:,, and business/columnists/dan_gillmor/ejournal/

--Burton L. Bruggeman

* * * *

After Sept 11th is the one I visit the most.

--Dan O'Day

* * * *

Martindale Hubble Law Firm Locator: Lawyer_Locator/Search_Lawyer_Locator/firm_search.xml.

--Ian Campbell

* * * *

LawNet, Association of Legal Administrators. Dallas Football Officials Association, Texas Association of Sports Officials. National Association of Sports Officials.

--Jake Reichenstein

* * * * (professional bicycle racing.) (you know us :-)

--Steve Marks

* * * *

My favorite site provides an economical and professional way to produce marketing and visibility materials: I use it for many projects including promotional postcards, brochures, mass mailings, etc. Not only is it economical, but it's easy. They provide templates for documents and your address book and once you upload these, it's all down hill.

They do it all -- from producing a proof to addressing each piece to delivery to your office or the post office. In addition to the great price, the product is as professional as I have ever seen. Also, users can take advantage of their bulk mail rate. They offer many options and great service. I've turned several smaller law firms on to them.

--Debra Hix-Sykes

* * * *

--Peter Krakauer

* * * *

For all manner of the latest news and trends affecting Net technology, culture, politics and legal issues. Links to the very latest articles, Web sites, studies and reviews from all quadrants of c-space are continually posted and discussed.

--Alan Rothman

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