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Networking & Storage

3Com AirConnect Extends Networks

3Com Corp. is offering wireless networking with its new 3Com AirConnect, an 11 Mbps Wireless LAN. AirConnect enables companies to extend networks from desktops to conference rooms, lobbies and other public spaces.

The system includes wireless access points and PC cards. Access points are affixed to a ceiling or wall, and act as a bridge between the wired network and as many as 63 mobile PCs, says 3Com. A variety of management tools are included, such as SNMP and Web support, so that network administrators can monitor performance from anywhere using a Web browser.

The company also announced the release of its "SuperStack", which the company also calls a "Gigabit over cooper wiring" systems.

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Red Hill Networks

Tustin, Calif.-based Red Hill Networks has released WebMux and WebMux Pro, two networking tools designed to minimize downtime for e-commerce sites.

The tools are designed to minimize the so-called "slashdot effect," which occurs when too many people try to access the same site at the same time, overloading the site. WebMux uses a proprietary algorithm optimized to handle large numbers of simultaneous requests. It does this by processing incoming traffic and distributing it among an array of linked computers, turning a Web farm into a single parallel supercomputer.

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MTI Certification

MTI Vivant Block Services Storage Servers have received certification from Novell Inc., announced MTI Technology Corp. Novell tested and approved MTI's Vivant RAID storage servers as part of a storage area network (SAN) designed to operate on multiple-hosted environments.

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Dell PowerEdge

The Dell PowerEdge 2450 server is a rack-dense server designed to combine dual processor capabilities with hot-plug redundant hard drives. It offers 2 GB of main memory and up to 91 GB of internal storage capacity for support of up to five hard drives. When connected to a PowerVault external SCSI storage system, the PowerEdge 2450 can support a total of 9.5 TB of total storage.

A cluster-ready system, it can support Microsoft Windows NT, Novell Netware, Red Hat Linux and Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server, Dell reports. It can be managed in a Computer Associates, Tivoli Systems or HP Open View management environment.

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Microtech Systems says it has enhanced throughput and handling time on its ImageAutomator CD-R production system. The enhancement, called ImageMaker EZ, it uses asynchronous drive operation to allow each drive on a multi-drive system to start duplicating independently of the other drives. ImageMaker EZ also features an interface similar to a Web browser.

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Instant Access

Vanguard Instant Access 2130 is an intelligent SDSL router for small to medium sized businesses, says Motorola Inc. of Schaumberg, Ill. Motorola says that it's designed to allow small- and medium-sized firms to take advantage of a cost-effective, high-bandwidth alternative to T1 lines.

The Vanguard comes with a single Ethernet 10/100Base-T autosensing interface, full IP protocol support, network address translation and integrated DHCP server for easy PC client configuration, says Motorola.

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Compaq NeoServer

The NeoServer 150 and NeoServer 150 Internet Plus, from Compaq Computer Corp., provide small firms with a scalable, supported system to get on the Internet and build their first network. They provide e-commerce, Internet access and local and Internet e-mail capabilities in one package.

The servers are equipped with 500 MHz Intel Celeron processors, 26 GB of network storage with removeable auto backup, built-in 10/100 Base TX NIC, High Speed Internet Access port for DSL or cable modem support and an optional uninterruptible power supply.

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Berk-Tek, of New Holland, Penn. has introduced Tek-Pak, new packaging for its LANmark-1000 and LANmark-350 enhanced UTP cables.

The packaging is designed to simplify and speed up installation and make their contents easier to identify.

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Ericom Software

Ericom Software Inc.'s PowerTerm Pro 8.0 incorporates Microsoft's Visual Basic Application and offers easy access to accounting, inventory, management, transaction processing and other legacy systems. Data can be moved into programs such as Word, Excel, Access and WordPerfect 2000.PowerTerm runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000, and supports a variety of hosts including IBM Mainframe, IBM AS/400, UNIX, DEC VAX/VMS and Data General.

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Princeton Softech

Princeton Softech's Relational Tools For Servers now support Informix, reports the New Jersey based company. They help users extract, move, and edit data from complex databases, regardless of how many tables or relationships are involved. It performs on Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, DB2 UDB and DB2 UDB for OS/390 databases.

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