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Compaq iPaq Targets Networks

With the release of its new Compaq iPaq, Houston's Compaq Computer Corp. says it is targeting employees who primarily use their PCs for mainstream office applications and Internet and Intranet access. The sleek new computer eliminates ISA/PCI slots and focuses only on USB, says Compaq. It is designed to reduce hardware and software conflicts, and is offered in two versions -- one that includes "legacy ports" such as PS2, serial and parallel ports; a second "legacy-free" edition that includes only USB ports.

Both machines offer hot-swappable multibay devices, and a choice of Intel's Pentium III 500 or its Celeron 500 processors. The legacy-free edition offers pre-installed Windows 2000. The other, a choice of Windows 2000/NT/98/95 operating systems, and multi-bay devices that are compatible with Compaq's Armada portable computer line, it notes.

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Deskpro EP Series

Compaq also has introduced nine new PCI-only Deskpro EP Series computers. The models feature either a 466 to 500 MHz Intel Celeron or 550 to 600 MHz Intel Pentium III processors, all with Intel's 810e chipset.

The desktops include CD-ROM drives and 6.4 or 10 GB hard disks. They are are configured with either Windows 95/98 or NT, and NT models are eligible for Compaq's Windows 2000 upgrade program. Selected models include 10/1000 Network Interface Cards.

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Vectra VL600

Hewlett-Packard Co. has unveiled its Vectra VL600 Secured Client, which includes an integrated security system to protect data transmitted during online commerce.

The unit offers an Intel 667 MHz Pentium III processor, 10 GB hard drive, 128 MB RAM, says Hewlett Packard.

It includes the Intel PRO/100 S Management Adapter, HP ProtectTools 2000 smart-card kit and HP power protection. The Vectra VL600 includes Microsoft Windows 2000 software.

Security tools include user authentication (by PIN number and smart-card token) and digital certification, for secure transmissions and communication, says HP, based in Palo Alto, Calif.

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MGC Technologies

The MGC 34-Inch TV Monitor, from MGC Technologies Inc., is a large-screen, high-resolution color monitor with full TV capabilities designed for corporate, educational and other presentation settings.

It includes a "Visionbox", which allows it to switch between a computer display, DVD/LD/VCR display or direct cable-TV viewing, says MGC. It offers 1024 by 768 pixel resolution; 0.8 mm dot pitch; 60 Hz refresh rate and supports "Front Video Graphics Array" for hookup of laptops.

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Xerox 5900

Xerox Corp. has introduced its Xerox 5900 family of copiers. The 5900 and 5900I can print at 120 pages-per-minute, while the 5990 and 5995 operate at 100 p-p-m.

The printers automate a range of tasks including covers, tabs, inserts, and can accommodate as many as six paper trays. The machines also have a sub-set stapling feature, which allows users to specify which documents should be stapled within multiple page sets.

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Canon PrintStation

The Canon LR1 PrintStation from Canon Computer Systems Inc. is designed to print Web pages and e-mail from WebTV boxes which utilize a TV monitor rather than a PC.

Designed to look more like a VCR than a traditional printer, the unit is aimed at users who may be Web surfing from a sofa or board room table rather than a desk. The units are designed to work with remote controls or wireless keyboards, says the company, and are compatible with set-top box Internet products such as WebTV units from Sony and Phillips. The printers offer both USB and parallel port interfaces, and can print up to five pages-per-minute grayscale and two p-p-m in color, says Canon.

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Canon's new BJC-3000 Color Bubble Jet Printer offers high-quality printing at 1440 x 720 dpi, and can produce six p-p-m black and white and at four p-p-m color. It also can print photos on plain paper at 360 by 360 dpi resolution, advises Canon.

The BJC-3000 is compatible with Windows 95/98/NT and Macintosh iMacs, G3/G4 and iBooks. It includes built-in USB and parallel port, it says.

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LaserJet 3150

The HP LaserJet 3150 is a printer/fax/copier/scanner that offers networkable printing, fax transmission and scanning with the HP JetDirect EX print server. It can perform standalone plain-paper faxing without a PC, supporting a transmission speed of six pages per second at 14.4 Kbps, HP notes.

The device includes pager notification of an incoming fax, remote retrieval of received faxes, and one-touch scan to e-mail.

It can print 600 dpi at six p-p-m and can handle 6,000 pages per month. It also can multi-task, enabling it to send/receive a fax while printing, says HP.

For more information ENTER no. 351 after Clicking Here.

Sharp FO-3800M

Sharp Electronics Corp. has introduced the FO-3800M multifunction digital laser/fax/copier/printer/scanner.

It features eight pages-per-minute digital printing and copying, 14.4 Kbps faxing with 4.6 page per second scanning.

The unit offers an output resolution of 600 by 600 dpi, says Sharp. The device has 2 MB of memory, equivalent to 120 pages, and includes support for 20 rapid dials and 100 speed dials.

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Canon says its new Canoscan FB 630Ui USB Flatbed Scanner stands 1.5 inches tall and provides 600 by 1200 dpi/36-bit color scanning. The scanners are compatible with both Macintosh and Windows 98 PCs, it notes.

It has a maximum resolution of 9600 dpi and features a programmable button for one-touch scanning, copying or e-mailing, says Canon.

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Cyber Memory

San Jose's Cyber Memory Inc. has been selected to distribute Hewlett Packard Taiwan's HP Safety Pack in the United States.

Aimed at small office/home office users, the Safety Pack offers several devices to prevent overheating or power problems. It includes an HP 500VA UPS, which protects equipment from battery drain, short circuit, overload and line noise, says Cyber Memory. It also includes a system, monitor and hard drive coolers and a fan alert system.

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Vision Aides

ASF Lightware Solutions has introduced its KBV 109 product, a package of four sets of high-contrast, stick-on labels that fit on computer keys to make the keys easier to see.

Useful for low-light situations, they ease eyestrain and low vision frustration, says ASF, based in Merrick, N.Y.

The labels work on PC, Macintosh and Unix keyboards. Colors include: black letters on white; black on gray; white on black; and yellow on black. Stick-ons can be mixed and matched to highlight most-used command keys, says ASF.

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Webcam Watcher is a PC-based software package for monitoring Internet Web cameras. The program allows for switching between cams, scanning backward and forward in time, and will download and save pictures as they change. From Beau Software, of Waiuku, New Zealand.

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Redi-Tag, of Seal Beach, Calif., has introduced Index Flags, self-sticking durable tags. They have a write-on surface, come in four colors for visibility, and are available in two sizes, Redi-Tag says.

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