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Utilities Roundup

FinePrint 2000 is a Windows printer driver that provides additional formatting and options controls. It allows printed material to be transferred to the clipboard as text, bitmaps and metafiles, and allows output to be converted to TIFF files for transfer across platforms. From FinePrint Software LLC, based in San Francisco.

For more information ENTER no. 208 after Clicking Here.

PlanBee is a project management program for Windows 95/98/NT that is flexible and customizable, yet has an intuitive feel, says Guy Software, of West Vancouver, Canada.

For more information ENTER no. 209 after Clicking Here.

EEBond calculates the value of U.S. Savings Bonds up to six months in advance. It maintains a database of Series EE, Series E and Series I bonds and savings notes. Users enter the serial number and date of purchase. From MMR Software, based in Bethesda, Md.

For more information ENTER no. 210 after Clicking Here.

Tolken99 4.1 is a word processor with built-in Swedish/English translation, cross-language dictionary, and vocabulary drill program to help users practice new languages. French, German, Spanish, Danish and Norwegian word lists are available on the Tolken99 Web site. From Hagsten & Co., based in Sweden.

For more information ENTER no. 211 after Clicking Here.

Talking Stocks 2.0 is a Windows 95/98/NT/2000 program that uses an animated character, "StockMan," to read stock prices aloud. It also displays current stock prices in a "Stock Strip" above the task bar. From 4 Developers LLC.

For more information ENTER no. 212 after Clicking Here.

WireFusion is a programming tool based on Java 2 that creates Java applets and illustrations. From Demicron Software, Stockholm.

For more information ENTER no. 213 after Clicking Here.

Genesis 4.0 for Windows 95/98/NT /2000 provides modeling and charting features with spreadsheet-like capabilities. It supports Microsoft SQL server. From FIS Group, based in Northwood, England.

For more information ENTER no. 214 after Clicking Here.

HPC Notes 3.02 is a notes organizer for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 that sorts by subject, type, creation date and modification date. The searchable program also enables e-mailing directly from the notes editor. By PhatWare Corp., which is headquartered in Redwood City, Calif.

For more information ENTER no. 215 after Clicking Here.

WinEBook Compiler collects and imports text, graphic and audio elements into a single document to create an e-book for the Web, according to creator, Super Win Software.

The utility creates topical links to help users navigate through the e-book, says the company. It also allows users to create passwords to prevent portions of the material from unauthorized access.

For more information ENTER no. 216 after Clicking Here.

Rebate! Rebate! 1.0 tracks rebate requests and money due back. It notifies you when a rebate is late From SIX International Inc.

For more information ENTER no. 217 after Clicking Here.

Exl-Plan Free is a business financial planner for Excel that can generate six-month projections and is available in U.S. and International accounting formats, says Invest-Tech Ltd., of Blackrock, Ireland.

For more information ENTER no. 218 after Clicking Here.

Macro Scheduler 6.0 helps users create macros to control applications and functions on Windows 95/98/2000/NT computers. Macros can be assigned to run at certain times or at the push of a hotkey or a mouseclick, automating repeating tasks, says MJT Net Ltd.

For more information ENTER no. 219 after Clicking Here.

Asthma Assistant 1.2 helps users record and track episodes of asthma, including information about symptoms, triggers, and medications.From Polisa Software Ltd., located in Jersey, England.

For more information ENTER no. 220 after Clicking Here.

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