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March 2001
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Handheld Roundup

Editor's note: Here's a reprise listing of new handheld devices and services that have been introduced over the last few months.

Eyecontact: Users of IDEO's Handspring Visor handheld devices can now download eyecontact software, for free, for use with the eyemodule digital camera.

Information: Reader Response no. 200.

Itronix Corp. has introduced four devices:

* The fex21 offers a Toshiba 3922 129MHz processor, external MediaQ controller, SDRAM memory, Intel StrataFlash, and lithium ion battery.

* The Husky FS4 is an "hourglass" mobile computer with an Intel StrongARM 192MHz processor, and Mircosoft Windows CE. It is resistant to water immersion, shock, and vibration.

* The T5200 includes a Toshiba 92MHz Intel MIPS R3912 RISC microprocessor. It offers integrated wireless communications, a touch screen display.

Information: Reader Response no. 201.

Palm Inc.. has released its new Mobile Internet Kit and Palm OS 3.5 software upgrade. The mobile kit allows users to exchange short messages, receive e-mail and access multiple Web clipping applications.

Information: Reader Response no. 202.

PC-EPhone offers mobile Internet access, cellular phone, and multimedia PC and PDA capabilities all in one, reports Inc.

Information: Reader Response no. 203.

Royal Consumer Business Products has released four models of its daVinci personal digital assistant handheld computers. They offer phonebook searching, currency conversion and a schedule/planner, a folding keyboard, and PC docking cradle.

Information: Reader Response no. 204.

WAPDocs helps lawyers and other users access documents in Hummingbird document management systems, via digital cellular phones, reports Matrix Logic Corp.

Information: Reader Response no. 205.

Pocket DVD8x24 is a combination 8x DVD and 24x CD-ROM drive with PC Card and CardBus interfaces, says maker Addonics Technologies. It provides DVD/MPEG UII and CD/CD-RW audio and video playback on all PCMCIA or CardBus-equipped computers. From Addonics Technologies.

Information: Reader Response no. 206.


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