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March 2001
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Networking & Storage

SANavigator 1.5 software is a scalable SAN management tool, that it is designed to eliminate the complexity and vendor-specific limitations of existing SAN management products, says Connex.

It features an automatic discovery engine combined with a visual topology display that enables it to remotely monitor and manage SAN installations from anywhere in the world, via the Internet, using a Java-based console. SANavigator also features a SANmap component, which presents an intuitive visual map of the SAN showing all devices and their interconnections.

Users can select any mapped device to create or modify a certain data path. When new devices are added to the SAN, they automatically show up in the display with no changes required to the software or configurations.

Information: Reader Response no. 258.

LANmark-2000, from Berk-Tek, is category 6 copper cabling product line. It offers multi-purpose cable that will support Gigabit Ethernet in addition to voice, video and data.

Information: Reader Response no. 259.

The MegaRam-1U and MegaRam-2U are two new storage accelerators from El Segundo, Calif.-based Imperial Technology Inc. Both systems features redundant, hot-swappable power supplies; built-in battery units; and redundant cooling fans. They feature proprietary error detection and correction circuitry that can detect and correct six bytes of data.

Each also supports 100 MB/sec Fibre Channel or 80 MB/sec SCSI connections and has an access time of .035 seconds. The MegaRam-1U provides up to 238 MB/sec of bandwidth, up to 12 MB capacity and access to data in 1.75 inches of rack space. While the MegaRam-2U provides up to 238 MB/second of bandwidth and up to 36 GB capacity.

Information: Reader Response no. 260.

KOM NETWORKS Inc., a storage management software provider, announced its support of Sony Electronics Inc.'s new 14 x magneto-optical storage drive, which now offers a 9.1 GB capacity. The device incorporates "Land and Groove" recording, enabling data to be recorded on the surface space of both the recording layer (land) and the deeper spiral track (groove).

The capacity is also increased by using magnetically-induced super resolution technology, allowing the drive to read even smaller marks on the disk and increasing track density, the company says.

Information: Reader Response no. 261.


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