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March 2001
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What Can I Use to Index Documents When I Don't Need Full Search Tools?

Glen M. Wilkerson, of Davis & Wilkerson P.C. asks: "We are a 23-attorney firm in Austin. I am looking for software that will index our briefs; not keeping the full text, but software that will allow very quick word searches to find a code or index number. I have looked and looked, and would appreciate your suggestions."

Article by James Eidelman

FIRST OF ALL, I'm curious why you don't want to keep the full text. I think it's a mistake because searching for legal terms, statutory references, and fact-oriented words can be a big help in finding prior work product on point, and it takes no extra effort to index the full text.

Article by Anthony Wilcher

THE RANGE of products that might suit this firm's needs is quite extensive. They range from open code source code; to sophisticated litigation support and document management tools; to customized records management systems.


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