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March 2001
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EDITOR'S NOTE: If there was a single theme of Legal Tech New York 2001, it was the dramatic shift in strategy to vendor alliances and partnerships. We all re-learned some age-old platitudes:

Tech Trends Rust and gravity always win. The Emperor must wear clothes to survive winter. Darwin is always right. Eventually, the ink has to turn black. To thrive in the legal technology market, you must "play nice with others."

Here's some of the most recent alliances:

World Software

World Software Corp. reports that WORLDOX software now integrates with Software Technology Inc.'s Case Master and DATA.TXT Corp.'s Time Matters. Users can also compare content with both Workshare Technologies Inc.'s DeltaView and with Lexis-Nexis' CompareRite products.

World also announced the release of WORLDOX 2000, the latest edition of its document management system. It includes a new tool, "DropZone," that lets users drag, drop and profile documents and objects directly into their document repository. It also contains ISYS 5.05 search engine and Outside In 6.1.

Information: Reader Response no. 312.

Legal Web

Legal Web Technologies L.L.C., which provides application service provider services for the legal industry, has allied with Acotec, which offers remote access management software. The two are introducing LegalWeb- SECURE and LegalWebREMOTE ASPs, which integrate data security technology from RSA Security, the companies explain.

Information: Reader Response no. 313.


ICONECT L.L.C. has announced partnerships with Decision Question Software and Verdict Systems. The DQ alliance will allow users of CaseMap software to import and export information from iConect, allowing users to search documents via the Internet, and organize case facts, create chronologies, and more. ICONECT enables Web-based access to Dataflight Software Inc.'s Concordance databases.

The Verdict Systems accord provides integration between iCONECT and SANCTION trial presentation software. Users can organize trial materials and create trial presentations.

Information: Reader Response no. 314.


CACI International has announced an alliance with Ringtail Solutions Inc. The companies have developed the CAC-Ringtail Solution Set, which includes the Ringtail CaseBook (which uses Internet data warehousing to organize case files for court preparation); and Ringtail CourtBook (users can access materials, link to Web sites, and use multimedia programs for presentations, and view testimony remotely.)

Information: Reader Response no. 315.


FirmLogic L.P., of Winston-Salem, N.C., has acquired Client Profiles, of Orlando, Fla.; Clockwork, of Atlanta; and Safe Harbour Software Inc. of League City, Texas.The packages will form the foundation for FirmLogic's practice and financial management systems.

Information: Reader Response no. 316.


Hummingbird Ltd. and West Group have joined forces to integrate Hummingbird EIP 4.0 (its "enterprise portal" suite) and Westlaw Intranet Solutions.

Westlaw modules include West Find & Print; NewsLink; IntraClip; Client Links; Practice Area Link; and Transparent Authorization.

Information: Reader Response no. 319.

Cole Valley

Cole Valley Software and METZ Software, both of San Francisco, have merged, they report. They will combine Cole Valley's MarketEast software and METZ Phones Pro relationships management software.

Information: Reader Response no. 318.


ELF Technologies is partnering with eVelocity, the creators of ProvideIT electronic invoice processing and management system. ProvideIT will become a new service on ELF's Serengeti application service provider platform, reports Seattle's ELF. Its eInvoice service will be discontinued.

Information: Reader Response no. 320.


Lexis-Nexis Group and Interface Software Inc. report that they have formed a new alliance to make InterAction Gadgets available on the Lexis-Nexis portal.

Information: Reader Response no. 317.


West Group has completed its widely anticipated acquisition of the FindLaw portal. FindLaw will operate as an independent subsidiary, reports West, and will stay in Silicon Valley, advises West Group, based in Eagan, Minn.

Information: Reader Response no. 321.


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