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March 2002
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Document Management

E-Sync Networks Inc., based in Trumbull, Conn., and Norwalk, Conn.'s Uniscribe, announce the launch of JurisNow, a fax management system combining E-Sync's messaging technology with Uniscribe's document management capabilities.

It delivers and confirms receipt of all fax correspondence, as well as logging and archiving each message.

Outbound faxes can be sent from the fax machine or the desktop PC, and can be delivered as e-mail. Inbound faxes can be received as e-mail, by static and mobile users alike.

Reader Response no. 267.

Irvine, Calif.'s Kofax Image Products Inc. and Rochester, N.Y.'s Eastman Kodak Co. have partnered to introduce Ascent Scribe, a software custom module that combines Kofax Ascent Capture with Kodak's Document Archive Writer.

Companies can scan large volumes of forms and documents and convert them into images, text and data for introduction into a variety of workflow and document management systems, including microfilm media archiving. It provides e-document and XML capture capabilities, as well as front-end support for integration with enterprise applications.

Ascent Scribe transfers batches of electronic documents created by Ascent Capture to the Kodak Document Archive Writer. The Document Archive Writer accepts the images and creates logically ordered and indexed copies on the reference archive media. Metadata created by the capture process is then updated with reference archive media locations.

Reader Response no. 269.

DocuLex Inc., of Winter Haven, Fla., has released View-It 5, an electronic document image viewer, and part of DocuLex's Productive Document Image Capture software suite, says the company.

Users can view electronic document files captured by DocuLex's Capture and PDF.Capture, and other prominent document scanning and electronic file conversion software products.

View-It displays, prints, and annotates scanned images, and synchronizes with most standard Windows DDE-compliant software.

It supports both black and white, and color images.

Reader Response no. 270.

DataTech Software Inc., based in Harrisburg, Pa., has announced its thinkDOCS iManage Integration feature, which allows thinkDOCS document assembly to work in conjunction with document management programs from San Mateo, Calif.'s iManage Inc. The programs work together allowing client, case and document information flow between the thinkDOCS and iManage programs.

The iManage profile dialog is automatically displayed whenever a user creates a new document using thinkDOCS, and all documents created with thinkDOCS are automatically saved to iManage.

Current version documents created with thinkDOCS and saved to iManage are automatically opened in thinkDOCS, including thinkDOCS' exclusive "live" data fields. Patent-pending LiveData technology keeps document data fields live, even in previously closed files.

Reader Response no. 271.

Novato, Calif.'s Matrix Logic Corp. has released its first iteration of eRoom Service for DOCS, a secure integration between Hummingbird document management systems and the eRoom digital collaboration platform. The integration extends an organization's Hummingbird document management system (DOCS Open or PowerDOCS) to allow for integration with the Web-based eRoom collaboration product. Users can copy or check-in documents between DOCS and eRoom, publish references to DOCS-based documents in eRoom, and grant limited access for external users to open or edit specific DOCS-based documents.

Data passes between eRoom and DOCS using XML over HTTP/HTTPS, and thus network administrators do not need to modify firewall configurations.

Reader Response no. 272.

Image Capture Engineering Inc., of Omaha, Neb., has announced the release of Legal Access Ware 4.0, a 32-bit production-level document imaging software product which acts as a front end capture solution for litigation support and trial presentation applications.

The upgrade offers new features including export to PDF., scalable licenses, and an export wizard for simple conversion to popular document management software formats. Users can rebuild CD's of images to make them compatible with all popular database programs, the company reports. LAW 4.0 works with all Windows operating systems including Windows NT/2000.

Reader Response no. 273.

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