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March 2002
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Summation Blaze LG Upgrade Adds eDocs

Summation Technologies Inc., of San Francisco, has announced the latest upgrade of its litigation support software, Summation Blaze LG 2.0.

New features include two repositories: eDocs and eMail. The document feature can handle any Windows-compatible document in its native format; the e-mail funciton services either Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes.

Also new: a "Pleadings Folder," improved integration with SQL Server, import utility, Bates numbers range field; and improved handling of complex documents.

Reader Response no. 301.


New Lexis Universe

LexisNexis Academic & Library Solutions, of Bethesda, Md., has released LexisNexis Environmental Universe.

Topics covered include energy, air management, toxicology, land use and pollution, global warming, waste management, and others.

Reader Response no. 284.


Database Expansion

Loislaw, an Aspen Publishers company headquartered in New York City, announces the expansion of its Federal Circuit Court database to include cases dating from as early as 1924. The database currently contains federal circuit court cases dating from 1945.

Reader Response no. 285.


Annotated Statutes

LexisNexis Group, of Dayton, Ohio, introduces the LexisNexis Florida Annotated Statutes, providing legal researchers a central point from which to review the most recent interpretations of legal cases.

Reader Response no. 286.



Dayton, Ohio's LexiNexis Group is now offering the LexisNexis Citation Tools to national, state, metropolitan, county and local bar associations, free of charge. It features the new LEXLink tool, which identifies legal citations from within word processing and HTML documents, and creates Web hyperlinks to the cited documents on LexisNexis at

Reader Response no. 287.


Secretariat Link

Houston, Texas-based Bridgeway Software Inc. and New York City's CT Corp. have announced that Bridgeway Software Secretariat 5.3 users can now complete their corporate filings online using CT Corp.'s

Users launch the Web site directly from Secretariat, and relevant company record data stored in Secretariat is automatically exported via XML to's multi-jurisdictional filing tool, pre-populating's interactive question and answer session. This feature is currently available for corporate qualifications.

Reader Response no. 288.


X Marks the Spot

James Champy's X-Engineering the Corporation: Reinventing Your Business in the Digital Age, published by New York City's Warner Business Books, discusses the ways companies are inventing new business models to embrace changes in commerce.

The book recommends among other things, that businesses turn competitors into allies, sharing goals and avoiding overlap for mutual prosperity. It further prompts readers with three core questions, how must a company change, for what benefit and with whose collaboration?

Reader Response no. 289.



DeskTop Business Solutions, of Roscommon, Mich., has released L.A.W.S./Pro, Web-based software providing attorneys access to their calendaring, case management, time and billing, back office accounting, secure e-mail, legal research and document storage, via Internet connection.

Attorneys can schedule and tracks appointments, trials and other important dates, for themselves, or an entire firm.

Client bills, sent by regular mail or e-mail, are automatically posted to accounts receivable, and back office accounting functions are integrated with the time and billing functions. Researchers have access to federal and state appellate case laws, statutes, regulations, court rules and dockets, and more.

Reader Response no. 290.

ProLaw Suite Sweeter

Albuquerque, N.M.'s Provolution Corp., recently purchased by West Group, has announced enhancements to its ProLaw software suite:

* Legal Solutions California Judicial Council Forms have been added into the ProLaw practice management software suite. The set incluces federal, California Judicial Council and other state forms, as well as California Superior and Municipal Courts forms.

* With access to Westlaw now available from ProLaw software, lawyers can search within the context of the matter they are working with, leading them directly to relevant legal information.

In-context searching also simplifies cost recovery by automating the capture of legal research costs.

* West Group's practice libraries have been added to ProLaw software, to provide practice-specific custom tabs, workflow, reports, and example forms.

The templates speed the implementation of case management, simplifying client data entry, task management, document creation and more.

Firms can build on the libraries using ProLaw's customization features.

Reader Response no. 291.



Greensboro, N.C.-based Technology Concepts & Design Inc. has gathered all of its enterprise litigation management products and services together as a new suite, dubbed ClarVergence.

The offering sums TCDI's work in litigation support and management, including Web-based case management, enterprise-wide document management, Internet document repository, portable offline document viewing, high-end security, and the services involved in training, converting legacy systems and intense customization, reports the company.

Reader Response no. 292.

Courting Lady Luck Inc.'s founder and chair, Richard Harroch, has co-authored Gambling For Dummies, published in New York City by Hungry Minds Inc. Part of the popular For Dummies series, the book attempts to simplify gambling, offering secrets and tips for playing poker, the lottery, casino games including blackjack and craps, horse racing, and Internet gambling Readers will even learn the protocol and necessity of letting the IRS in on their winning ways.

Reader Response no. 293.

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