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Symantec Launches WinFax PRO 10.0

Symantec Corp., of Cupertino, Calif., has launched the latest version of its WinFax software for sending, receiving and managing faxes. WinFax PRO 10 provides complete fax capabilities for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 PCs, offering small firms, home offices and mobile professionals the ability to communicate with clients, partners and associates.

Using WinFax, legal professionals can deliver high-quality faxes to e-mail addresses, in a self-viewing format. It also integrates with key business applications, reports Symantec, and is easy to set up, learn and use.

New features allow users to forward received faxes as self-viewing e-mail attachments. Recipients can open and view the documents with or without WinFax PRO software on their computers, the company says.

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Canon MS 800

Canon U.S.A., Inc.'s new Digital Microfilm Scanner 800 features high image resolution, broad editing, distribution capabilities, and an 11" x 17" viewing screen integrated within an overall small device footprint. Ideal for high-volume environments, it can scan checks, blueprints, newspapers, tabloid-size magazines, and other similar documents.

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Dell Workstation 620

Dell Computer Corp. has released its Precision Workstation 620. It incorporates single or dual Intel Pentium III Xeon processors at 733/800 MHz . It offers a front side bus speed of 133 MHz. Features include two 64-bit PCI slots at 66 MHz, three 32-bit PCI slots at 33 MHz; capacity for 4 GB of PC-800 ECC RDRAM (2GB at launch); AGP Pro 4x Graphics.

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NCD ThinStar

Network Computing Devices, Inc. has released its NCD ThinStar 400 product line, a series of high-performance Windows-based terminals. The line includes the NCD ThinStar 400 and the 450 Pro for Embedded Windows NT.

The NCD ThinStar 400 is based on Intel's 166 MHz Pentium processor, and supports up to 288 MB memory. It includes 16 MB of flash memory and supports Windows NT/2000.

The NCD ThinStar 450 PRO supports Microsoft's Windows-based Terminal Professional, which is based on the embedded NT 4.0 Workstation.

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Hewlett-Packard Company has launched a new line of all-color, network-capable, inkjet "all-in-one" printer/scanner/copiers. Three units are offered: The HP OfficeJet G55/G85/G95. They provide photo-realistic color printing, high-quality color scanning, stand-alone color faxing and walk-up color copying. These products can print, fax, and scan from any PC within a networked office and feature USB connectivity, says HP.

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HP JetDirect 70X

HP also has released the HP JetDirect 70X home printer server that enables home and small business users to share printers using existing telephone wiring. The server allows any parallel printer to be shared in Windows 95/98 /NT environments using Home Phoneline Networking Alliance networking technology.

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EFI Fiery X4

Sharp Document & Network Systems of America, and Electronics for Imaging, Inc., have announced the EFI Fiery X4 Color Server for the Sharp AR-C150 Digital Color IMAGER. The combination offers a 600-dpi digital color copier/printer in the mid-volume market, with the server technology being handled by EFI. The unit operates at speeds of 15 color pages-per-minute and 25 black and white p-p-m.

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Equium 7350 PC

Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. and Computer Systems Group have released the Equium 7350 PC and 15-inch TekBright 60A (analog) flat-panel monitor. The new system offers Intel's latest Celeron and Pentium III processors on a single scalable platform, which offer a stable and long product lifecycle. It offers manageability features and software including Intel's LANDesk Client Manager, Desktop Management Interface 2.0, Advanced Configuration and Power Interface, and Wake-on-LAN.

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Sharp Flat Panels

Sharp Electronics Corp. has released two new LCD flat panel video monitors in 10-inch and 20-inch formats. Both models serve a wide range of applications including TV broadcast and production, videconferencing, transportation entertainment, CCTV security, hotel, hospitality, museum, casino/sports-book and stadium installations, says the company.

They feature inputs for component video, S-video, and use a Wide Area Video Chroma IC which enables wider viewing angles; a Gamma Correction Circuit for improved reproduction of dark images; a Digital Comb Filter to reduce noise; and a non-glare LCD screen, making it easier to view on-screen images in bright light.

The monitors are compact and lightweight, and can be displayed on a tabletop or mounted on a wall. They include wireless remotes and feature stereo headphone jacks for personal viewing.

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