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May 2001
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Letters to the Editor

Mac Mourning?


I was sorry to see the disappearance of the Mac Corner from your March 2001 issue of Law Technology News.

We are a progressive civil litigation firm in San Francisco with both "old-business" and "new-economy" clients. Established more than 25 years ago, our firm has built its reputation on being a leader in litigation strategy and execution, and in doing so has also become one of the few Mac champions among litigation firms.

While your publication has rarely included but a snippet of information relevant to our (Mac) practice, the nominal inclusion of the Mac Corner gave purpose to the requisite lunch-time breeze through that month's issue. Perhaps with this e-mail will come others lamenting the extinction of the Mac Corner and the last vestiges of the recognition that we are a part of the legal business equation. And perhaps this outcry will spawn an even larger Mac section in future issues. (As Mac loyalists, we are forever optimistic that future versions -- of just about anything -- will be marked by inevitable improvement). Or perhaps the passing of LTN's attention to the Mac is simply a sign to spin down this partition of my "brain's external hard drive."

The Mac lives.

Carlos Poza
Wild, Carey & Fife
San Francisco

Monica Bay responds:

Not to worry! To paraphrase Mark Twain, the reports of the Mac Corner's demise are very premature. It's alive and very well, but like several features in LTN, it just doesn't run in every issue.

Our Feb. issue was such a Mac-o-rama (S.F. Macworld, the MIS@ column, and even photos from the MacLaw dinner), we thought in March, we'd make room for a few Intel-oriented items. :)

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