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May 2001
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Utilities Roundup

DeskTool 2.4, from MetaProducts Corp., helps Windows (95+) users launch their most-used applications from a custom toolbar, which can be kept anywhere on the desktop or hidden until the system tray is clicked.

Information: Reader Response no. 226.

RegVac, from Super Win Software, prevents crashes and adds reliability to Windows (95+) programs. It searches and updates the system registry to eliminate outdated information. It also completes un-installations, deletes bad entries in the msconfig.exe utility, controls associations between file extensions and applications, and finds and deletes references for nonexistent files in the registry.

Information: Reader Response no. 227.

RPWiz 1.02, from Software by DalesPlace, is a photo slide show tool for Windows (95 SR2 +). Slide shows can be produced with captions, audio, and control over image size and background colors. Each slide show project can be viewed in most Web browsers and with RealPlayer.

Information: Reader Response no. 228.

PicturesToExe, from WnSoft Inc., helps users create presentations as .exe or SCR (screen saver) files using images (in bmp, gif or jpeg format) and sounds (in MP3, .wav or MIDI). Users can add captions, control background colors or pictures, and use a variety of transition effects to create presentations that can be password-protected, launched automatically by timer, or looped.

Information: Reader Response no. 229.

Slugger 5, from Gluon Inc., is a Slugger XTension upgrade that helps users log and print document information on every page. Users can add new slugs, slug layouts, bar codes and "Cropster/Slugger" inter-Xtension functionality.

Information: Reader Response no. 230.

PC Data Finder 5.5 from is a Windows search tool. It creates an evolving index of every word in every document in chosen directories. Users can now search e-mail, pdf, zip, html, and Office Suite extensions based on their content using boolean, proximity, phrase, wildcard, and complex queries involving "and," "or," "not," and "near." Users can also index fields such as body, title, keywords, subject, author and more.

Information: Reader Response no. 231.

S.M.A.R.T. IDE Guardian 1.4 from Palicksoft Ltd., checks hard drive status, and helps users predict and estimate hard drive life, and minimize data loss and failure. The program analyzes and calculates the date the hard drive will reach its "threshold exceeded condition," when keeping data on it will no longer be safe. The check can be performed upon system startup and displays statistics graphically and numerically, the company reports.

Information: Reader Response no. 234.

ReGet Junior, from ReGet Software, helps users resume broken downloads from the point of interruption.

It also can download all the files linked from one page as a single act. The utility supports most browsers and automatically pops up during every download, says ReGet.

Information: Reader Response no. 232.

WhatChanged for Windows 1.1 is available from Prism Microsystems, Inc. It helps users detect, manage, and restore changes to Windows file systems and registry. An automatic snapshot of the system is taken and displayed in an Explorer-style browser for analysis. The software can store up to 64 snapshots taken automatically during off-peak usage or on demand.

Information: Reader Response no. 233.

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