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May 2002
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President's Corner

SMART Board Adds Video

Nancy Knowlton
Nancy Knowlton,
president and chief
operating officer
SMART Technologies Inc. has introduced the SMART Video Player, an addition to its Windows-based software that helps legal professionals conduct effective presentations. The new feature enhances the company's "interactive whiteboards," which let lawyers mark-up displayed images in courtrooms and other settings.

A SMART Board used to illustrate an accident.
A SMART Board used to illustrate an accident.
The SMART Video Player can be used to annotate both moving and still video images, from sources such as DVDs, VCRs, document cameras and computer files, says the company, based in Calgary. With the new tool, video can be played either in a "window" or full-screen. Users can write over the top of the video, pause or freeze frames, and can save or clear annotations. Saving the annotations automatically sends a "screen capture" to the software. Users can control computer applications by pressing on the board's surface, or can use fingers or SMART pens. In addition to the traditional whiteboard, the company also offers rear projection and plasma display models.

Reader Response no. 242.

Word Processing

Sony Picks WP for VAIO Units

Sony COREL Corp. snared a coup for WordPerfect Office 2002 by signing an agreement with Sony Electronics Corp. to include the suite on all of its Sony VAIO desktops and select models of the wildly popular VAIO laptops. The accord applies to units sold in North America. It includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation tools and more. VAIO buyers also will be offered discounts for "Professional" edition upgrades.

Reader Response no. 241.

Data Recovery

Kroll Buys Ontrack Data Int'l

Kroll Buys Ontrack Data Int'l KROLL Inc., based in New York, is buying Ontrack Data Inter-national Inc. in a stock-for-stock merger valued at about $140 million. Ontrack provides data recovery and electronic discovery services. Ontrack chief Ben Allen will be president of the new Kroll unit, which will be called the Data Recovery and Discovery Group.

Reader Response no. 244.

Practice Management

Whitehill Enterprise 5.0 Improves Database Tools

Whitehill Enterprise WHITEHILL Technologies Inc. has introduced Whitehill Enterprise 5.0, the latest version of its "business infrastructure" software that helps firms convert data from "legacy" systems and older formats (such as ASCII), and to process bills, reports, pro forma documents and other documents. The upgrade features new database capabilities, enhanced formatting options, and offers direct integration into document management systems, reports the company, based in Moncton, Canada.

Whitehill also announced a partnership with iManage Inc., of Foster City, Calif. Whitehill technology will allow iManage users to process billing information into documents within the iManage document management and collaboration system.

Reader Response no. 243.

Litigation Support

Applied Discovery Wins Enron Bid

Richard Corbett
APPLIED Discovery, based in Bellevue, Wash., will provide electronic document review and production services for Houston's Enron, in its bankruptcy proceedings.

Electronic discovery technologies expedite the process by which large volumes of computerized documents can be searched and reviewed, explains Richard Corbett, A.D.'s vice president/general counsel.

Enron The Web-based service will help Enron respond to information requests, and categorize, manage, search and review electronic files and information from an online repository, he says.

This allows lawyers and others to access the data remotely from any location with Web access.

Reader Response no. 240.

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