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May 2002
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Networking & Storage

Optiserver Supports Compaq Multi-User OS

Ottawa's KOM Network Inc., says its optical data storage software, Optiserver, now supports the Compaq Computer Corp.'s multi-user operating system, OpenVMS 7.3, for VAX and AlphaServer Systems. Compaq's OpenVMS operating system provides security and system management functionality, as well as the infrastructure that supports eBusiness applications.

Reader Response no. 315.

Everdream Corp., of Fremont, Calif., has introduced Managed Desktop Services that will allow for the development of I.T. services, such as data backup, electronic software distribution, automated updates and virus protection. Everdream offers the customer control of desktop infrastructure through the Everdream Control Center (ECC). It helps I.T. personnel access asset and service request management features.

Reader Response no. 317.

McData Corp., of Broomfield, Colo., has introduced its line of "core-to-edge" 2 GB-per-second storage infrastructure programs.

They include the Intrepid 6000Series Directories and its Sphereon 3000series 16 and 32 port fabric switches.

Reader Response no. 318.

Konexx, of San Diego, Calif., unveiled its Phone 2 PC-Call Center, a digital telephone recording device.

It offers three modes: "Supervisor," which allows the user complete control over all recording features; "Agent-On Demand," which records only the desired portions of calls; and "Agent-Logger," which is voice activated and automatically records and files conversations.

Reader Response no. 320.

DDDV Corp., headquartered in China, has released FileSharing.NET 1.5, a Windows 2000/XP program that allows users to host a secure Web-Based file sharing system and does not require additional software or services.

The program has its own built-in engine, database engine, integrated HTML/Script pages, user management engine, message board engine and secure file upload/download engine, the company reports.

Reader Response no. 322.

Micro-Solutions, Inc., of Deklab, Ill., is celebrating the launch of its backpack USB 2.0 Hard Drives. The 2.0 hard drive's features include additional storage for PCs; DOS driver for use with third party disaster recovery and disk imaging software (parallel port only); and hot pluggable via USB and parallel port interfaces.

They offer transfer speed of 3.1MB per second; backward compatibility with the USB 1.0 ports; compatibility with Windows 95 to XP.

Reader Response no. 323.

SmartSignal Corp. has announced the availability of its latest equipment condition monitoring software, eCM 2.0, a product upgrade that integrates diagnostic functionality with early warning information.

The new software includes three components: 1) "Advanced Diagnostics," 2) "Expanded WatchList," and 3) eCM WorkBench, a new analytical and administrative tool to automates installation, reports the company, which is headquartered in Lisle, Ill.

Reader Response no. 324.

DeskTop Business Solutions, of Roscommon, Mich.., has announced the release of L.A.W.S./Pro, a software program that provides attorneys with anytime, anywhere access to the basic applications needed to run law firms.

Designed on the principle of single-entry data input, it eliminates repetitive entry of the same information. It does not require software or an office network.

It offers secure e-mail, a "Law Library" research component, calendar and case management components, and more. The program also includes accounting, and time-and-billing functions.

Reader Response no. 336.

Quick Takes

UniTrends Software Corp., of Myrtle Beach, S.C., says Solar Shield provides complete crash recovery for Solaris computers.

Reader Response no. 325.

Woodstone BVBA, a Belguim consulting firm, has released Servers Alive, a network-monitoring program for the Windows platform. It can monitor up to 1000 hosts/services.

Reader Response no. 326.

U.S. Design Corp., of Columbia, Md., and Japan's Panasonic, have announced that Universal SuperSTOR (USS) 2.0 supports the Panasonic 4.7GB DVD-RAM/R drive in desktop and jukebox configurations. USS is a Java-based data and AV storage management program that operate independently of host operating system.

Reader Response no. 331.

EmmaSoft Software, Inc., of New York, says EmmaSetup CD is a utility for Windows, that creates a front-end for CDs that can be used to launch programs, installers, or to display information

Reader Response no. 332.

Sanyo Security Products, of Chatsworth, Calif., has introduced two recorders. The DSR-3000-80 and DSR-3000-160 units a choice of digital hard disk capacity and additional features not available in analog recorders.

Reader Response no. 333.

Addonics Technologies, of San Jose, Calif., says the Internal DigiDrive is a USB flash memory card reader that can be mounted into a three and a half inch drive bay of any computer.

It supports seven mainstream digital media formats.

Reader Response no. 334.

TheDevShop Ltd., of Thailand, says dbQwikEdit 2.1 is a multi-feature Windows program for editing and managing database data.

Reader Response no. 327.


Imperial Technology, Inc., of El Segundo, Calif., has introduced SANaccelerator, an acceleration device designed to improve application performance in Storage Area Networks. It connects directly to Fibre Channel SANs and is designed to deliver shared capacity to multiple applications and multiple servers in the same way as a consolidated disk storage.

The multi-port capability lets it connect to two independent 1 or 2 Gbps fabric switches or directors.

Reader Response no. 319.

Catch the Wave!

ITT Industries, Cannon, of Santa Ana, Calif., has introduced the PHD System, a multi-channel optical interconnect system for high bandwidth communications systems and data communication equipment.

With optical technology that utilizes light instead of copper, the PHD system is designed to help rollout optical networks that can transmit 40 gigabits per second of data.

It can help applications such as streaming video and real-time videoconferencing for the office, or for the home, says the company.

Reader Response no. 321.

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