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May 2002
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Utilities Roundup

IE Booster 1.4, from Germany's Paessler GmbH, is a freeware tool that extends the context menu of Internet Explorer version 5.0 and higher for Windows, including XP. It brings useful functions right into the browser itself, instantly available with the right-click of the mouse.

Reader Response no. 207.

Advanced Registry Tracer1.57, from ElcomSoft Co. Ltd, of San Mateo, Calif., is a registry editor that allows users to take control of their Windows Registry without sacrificing system performance. ART frees up the system performance by taking snapshots of the registry, either at specific points or as directed, rather then running in real time. Snapshots can be compared to previous shots to find discrepancies and changes can then be done or undone.

Reader Response no. 208.

Tweaki, released by Vancouver's Jer Mar Software Corp., is a point and click interface that provides multiple ways to fine-tune Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, and Office applications. It offers options that increase the speed of the user's computer, automatically loads and runs programs, and manages the desktop.

Reader Response no. 209.

UpdateHelper, from TE Technologies Inc., of Loves Park, Ill., tracks, notifies and provides links to the appropriate Web sites for patches and updates for software product. Once downloaded, the program consolidates all modifications into one database.

Reader Response no. 210.

Add/Remove Plus! 2002 3.1, from Aurelitec, Inc., based in Romania, is the latest version of the company's uninstall software.

Reader Response no. 211.

Active Backup Expert 1.6, from OrionSoftLab, creates compressed backups of local or network files to hard drives, CD's and other removables, and remote FTP servers, and synchronizes files on two PCs.

Reader Response no. 212.

RedBox Organizer 4.2, from inKline Global, Inc., of Incline Village, Nev., is the latest release of the company's personal information management software.

It offers a planner tool, reminders, to-do lists, sticky notes, calendar and more.

Reader Response no. 213.

PopupEliminator 1.2, a Windows application from SurfSecret Software/ Advercast LLC., of New York City, eliminates unwanted pop-up and pop-under advertising.

Reader Response no. 214.

PopNot 2.0, from High-Density Software, of Berkeley, Calif., prevents pop-ups and pop-under ads from appearing while surfing the Web, without interfering with web navigation.

Reader Response no. 215.

Serlient, from South Africa's Triplehash, is a new program for Windows (including XP) that helps users run standard HTML, PHP and CGI-based as Web sites normal Windows application.

Reader Response no. 216.

Image Broadway 3.0 is image editing software that supports special effect filters, text tools and comments, paint and fill tools, area and lasso processing, one click red-eye removal, and more. From FileStream, Inc., of Old Brookville, N.Y.

Reader Response no. 217.

A Smaller Image 3.0, from TriVista Technologies, Inc., of Aurora, Ill., reduces digital images for e-mailing or publishing. The user can add text, color borders, fade edges, or drop a shadow to their images.

Reader Response no. 218.

MonitorTest 2.0 helps users investigate the quality and performance of computer monitors and LCD flat screens.

From PassMark Software, of Sydney, Australia.

Reader Response no. 219.

XP/10 is a package of Windows extensions. This version has enhanced security related tools 12-Wash and 12-Backup.

Together with 12-Shutdown they automate cleaning-up and backing-up of crucial data. From 12Ghosts, Inc., of Dover, Del.

Reader Response no. 220.

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