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Corrections Policy

* We always publish corrections at least as prominently as the original mistake was published.

* We are eager to make corrections quickly and candidly.

* Although we welcome letters to the editor that are critical of our work, an aggrieved party need not have a letter to the editor for us to correct a mistake. We will publish corrections on our own and in our own voice as soon as we are told about a mistake by anyone -- our staff, an uninvolved reader, or an aggrieved reader -- and can confirm the correct information.

* Our corrections policy should not be taken for a policy of accommodating readers who are simply unhappy about a story that has been published.

* Any information about corrections or complaints should be directed to editor-in-chief Monica Bay. We may be reached by mail at 345 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010; by fax at 212-696-1848.

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