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November 2000
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Networking & Storage Venaca, a technology company specializing in online digital asset management and digital rights management, has debuted, an online platform for storing, managing, and distributing multimedia.The new Web site offers businesses a Web-based infrastructure to post, store, organize, distribute and view photographs, video, audio, animation and other digital media, reports the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based company. It supports text, images and streaming video.

Information: Reader Response: 246.

OpenCD offers lawyers, students, engineers and other business users online access to libraries of digital information, says its manufacturer, Avantis, of Abercynon, U.K. Based on Windows NT technology, the system stores images of thousands of CDs and DVDs on hard disk. Eight OpenCD models are available, all housed in cases approximately 21-inches high by 7.5-inches wide by 23-inches deep.

Information: Reader Response: 247.

Aelita Releases Server Wizard

Server Consolidation Wizard Software enables online data migration and server consolidation with zero server downtime, promises Aelita Software.

The software is compatible with Windows NT/2000 and NetWare platforms, as well as alternative storage devices such as network attached storage units.

Information: Reader Response: 241.

RAID Systems

Unison Information Systems Ltd. has releases its newest high performance Fibre Channel RAID systems, the RAID I/O FIBRE III. It offers users more than 10 terabytes of data capacity with transfer rates greater than 350 megabytes per second, the company says.

The unit is designed for environments that require high data bandwidth, including streaming video, video editing, imaging and prepress.

All components, including power supplies and fans, are redundant and hot swappable, ensuring access to all data in the event of a failure, says the Framingham, Mass.-based company. The RAID I/O FIBRE III is equipped with two 550W PS/fans, it notes.

Information: Reader Response: 242.

Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks Inc. has added three new network switches to its product line:

* The Summit24 and Summit48 both feature LX or LX-70 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and wire-speed Layer 2 and wire-speed basic Layer 3 switching using static routing or RIP V1/V2 routing protocol.

They are designed to fit in with service provider data centers, server farms, metropolitan area networks, multi-tenant building, and wiring closet, the company says.

The Summit24 comes with 24 switched 10/100 Mbps auto-negotiating Ethernet ports, one full-duplex GBIC-based 1000BASE-SX, an 8.5 Gbps non-blocking fabric, and a forwarding rate of 5.1 million packets per second. The Summit48 has 48 switched 10/100 Mbps auto-negotiating Ethernet ports, two full-duplex GBIC-based 1000BASE-SX, a 17.5 Gbps non-blocking switch fabric, and a forwarding rate of 10.1 million packets per second.

* The Alpine 3808 and 3804 chassis switches provide broadband infrastructure for metro and regional area networks, service provider data centers, multi-tenant buildings and enterprise wiring closets.

Both switches use an interchangeable set of power supplies, switch modules and management modules. Each switch has its own hot-swappable fan tray, which installs vertically into the front of each chassis.

* The BlackDiamond 6808 and 6816 chassis are designed with carrier-class fault tolerance for IP data networks that require high level availability as well as scalabilty from 10/100BASE-T to one gigabit and 10 gigabit Ethernet.

Both switches provide wire-speed Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching for consistent performance regardless of traffic patterns or network load, says the Santa Clara-Calif.-based company.

Information: Reader Response: 243.


Connex, a developer of storage area networks and network attached storage units, has released its SANavigator. It is a Java-based, vendor­independent storage management application that can be integrated with existing enterprise network management applications.

It can also operate as a host for other storage management applications, utilities, and tools. SANavigator supports Windows 98, 2000, NT, Solaris, and Linux, the company notes. SANavigator's AutoDiscovery feature, SANmap, performs a complete inventory of all SAN resources regardless of manufacturer type. It presents a visual display of the entire storage enterprise, allowing an administrator to have control over operations such as changing data paths to storage resources and creating or changing SAN zones, says the San Jose, Calif.-based company.

Information: Reader Response: 244.

N3100 NAS

Connex also has released its N3100 NAS data storage appliance. It includes 288 gigabytes of Ultra160 SCSI RAID-5, the company notes.

Connex says it is designed for high-end work group to mid-range departmental storage applications.

Information: Reader Response: 296.

AIT LibraryPro

Overland Data Inc. has announced that its AIT LibraryPro automated tape library has been certified for use with Connected's TLM Internet-based eSupport services and software.

Connected's eSupport technology is designed to capture all PC information on a regular basis and send it to a central server, enabling any file, application or system to be automatically retrieved or repaired, the company says.

The AIT LibraryPro can be scaled from one to nine modules for a maximum configuration of 8.55 terabytes. It also can support Sony Electronics' AIT-3 tape drive technology, the company advises.

With the AIT-3 drives, Overland's LibraryPro offers configurations from 700 GB to 47 TB of capacity, and transfer rates from 10.8 GB per hour up to 1.85 TB per hour. Designed for rackmount, it takes up from 4U to 36U depending on configuration and storage capacity.

Information: Reader Response: 297.


LaCie has introduced its new FireBooster 12 X 10 X 32 X CD-RW, its fastest FireWire CD-RW drive. It features a FireWire interface, and can write a complete 650 MB CD in about five minutes, when in the 12 X CD-R mode, says LaCie, based in Long Beach, Calif.

A 4 MB buffer prevents buffer underruns at high recording speeds, the company explains. The drive is hot-pluggable and can be removed or swapped with others without requiring computer re-start.

Information: Reader Response: 317.

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