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November 2001
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Mac Corner

New AntiVirus Supports OS X

Symantec Corp. has released Norton AntiVirus 7.0, software that finds and repairs infected e-mail messages, Internet downloads, file servers, and shared disks. It supports OS X, and offers LiveUpdate technology updates of virus definitions over the Internet. Users can send infected files to the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center for analysis.

Reader Response no. 247.

StuffIt Deluxe 6.5

Aladdin Systems Inc. has introduced, StuffIt Deluxe 6.5, a utility that accesses downloads, e-mail attachments and files sent by any Mac or PC. The upgrade offers Mac OS X support, and can expand and install Palm files automatically. The new StuffIt Express Personal Edition can compress, FTP, and distribute e-mail notifications simultaneously, and create drag-and-drop modules.

Reader Response no. 248.

MacLinkPlus Deluxe 13

DataViz Inc. has unveiled MacLinkPlus Deluxe 13, a utility that convert Windows files for use on a Mac. The upgrade runs on Mac OS X, supports Word 97-2002, WordPerfect 9.0, and opens unreadable e-mail attachments.

Reader Response no. 249.

Power On Software Inc.

Now Up-to-Date & Contact 4.1, contact management and scheduling software, offers Mac OS X support. It can now be used by single users, or in multi-site installations.

ACTION GoMac 2.1, a Macintosh Task Bar utility, gives users instant access to programs without using desktop space. The upgrade supports Mac OS 9.1, and features added support for Microsoft Office 2001.

Power On Software Inc. and Insider Software Inc. have completed work on a customized version of UpdateAgent, a program that will automatically alert users to new versions of Power On Software products.

Reader Response no. 250.

Secure Image Pro

Artistscope has introduced Secure Image Pro 3.0.2, a cross-platform utility that protects images from common methods of content theft including mouse-click saving, direct linking, and copying. The upgrade supports batch saving of more than 3,000 images, and offers improved compatibility with Java.

Reader Response no. 251.


OS X UPGRADE With the long-awaited release of OS X 10.1, Macintosh power users finally have a new OS that works. The original, spring release of OS X had some issues: speed, or lack of; no DVD playing; no CD data burning; quirky printing. And then there was the inflexible interface...

But with the latest revision, OS X just works. It's pretty snappy, you can move the once-controversial Dock around. Windows resize easily, keyboard commands work (even the volume and brightness controls on a PowerBook!), and the "Classic" environment for older applications starts up faster. Starting up a program only takes a few "bounces" of its Dock icon, instead of the 10 or 15 under earlier X versions. Apple has also added some menu bar icons to show battery power and Internet connection status and to provide easy access to monitor and sound controls.

What's missing? Third-party applications. Adobe Photoshop and many of the standard Mac programs are still missing in action. But Microsoft is planning to release Office X for the Mac this month. I tried a downloadable preview of Word X, and while it takes full advantage of OS X's colorful, translucent look, it's still a work in progress. Wait for the formal release.

OS X 10.1 is a "free" upgrade for those with OS X on their Macs. Apple retailers were giving CDs out with the update, or you could send Apple $20 and the company will ship you a disk.

--Anthony Paonita

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