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November 2001
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Dataflight Debuts Concordance 7.20

Dataflight Software Inc. has released Concordance 7.20, a full-text database program for litigation support teams. The program now offers integration with CaseSoft's CaseMap, delivering one-click access to case facts, testimony, case notes, and documents for users.

It recognizes LiveNote Inc.'s new portable case format transcript files, which hold transcripts for an entire case in a single file including annotations, attachments, and quick marks. It also directly links to specific images in Opticon imagebases.

Reader Response no. 252.


LexisNexis CD-ROM

LexisNexis Group has unveiled the new LexisNexis CD-ROM platform providing live links to and Shepard's Citation Service, so legal researchers can integrate up-to-the-minute Web-based research with CD-based information. The browser-based interface allows users to size frames as they choose, view multiple frames simultaneously, and multiple users can save custom preferences for future use. The CD can be referenced in conjunction with "Authority" titles from Matthew Bender, and "Law on Disc" titles from MICHIE.

Reader Response no. 253.

Swets Blackwell Links

Swets Blackwell has augmented its electronic journal service, Swetsnet- Navigator, with article-level links to more than 100 electronic journals from CrossRef member publishers IEEE and Wiley. Swets Black-well has incorporated digital object identifiers from articles into the SwetsnetNavigator's tables of contents and search results, allowing users to link to corresponding articles at publishers' sites.

Reader Response no. 254.



DataTech Software Inc. has released Quick&Easy Illinois Worker's Compensation 6.0, automated legal forms software that now includes the newly mandated letter-size arbitration decision forms and dozens of commonly used Illinois Worker's Comp forms.

Users enter data via screens that duplicate the forms, and once entered the data can be moved to other applicable forms without retyping. The software calculates math functions, checks for misspellings, and solves issues such as continuations and field overflow. It instantly places information in the proper position, and at print time automatically formats and prints continuation sheets.

Reader Response no. 255.



Thomson & Thomson has announced that its online trademark search tool, SAEGIS, now lets subscribers place electronic orders for U.S. Patent and Trademark Office documents including certified document copies and trademark histories, directly from the SAEGIS Web interface. Other documentation can include correspondence between the examining attorney and the applicant, the reasons why an application was accepted or rejected, specimens showing how the mark is actually used, and other information helping an attorney determine whether to file a trademark application.

Reader Response no. 256.


Corporate Focus 4.0

Two-Step Software Inc. has introduced Corporate Focus 4.0, an upgrade to the company's corporate entity and ownership tracking software application.

Its new ability to track both stockholder and stock option information allows users to create fully diluted capitalization tables with the click of a button.

Reader Response no. 257.

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