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November 2001
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Starting All Over, From Square One

Monica Bay 9/11/01
Monica Bay 9/11/01
In the wake of the World Trade Center disaster, what advice would you give to a small firm (five lawyers or less) whose offices are completely destroyed in a calamity? What's the best strategy? Let's assume nothing is left, and the firm must rebuild from scratch. Specifics, here: What should the firm buy, rent, borrow?

* * * *

Article by Ross Kodner

THESE lawyers face a challenging question: "How do we jump-start our practice systems?" The process of determining what a small firm should implement must be methodical and multi-focused. It calls for a careful analysis of short-term and long-term needs, balancing affordability, practicality and the achievement of defined goals.

* * * *

Article by Albert Barsocchini

I HAVE BEEN consulting with law firms for more than 12 years, and I am always confronted with the same pattern: firms that try to upgrade or change their technology without making fundamental changes in the law firm work flow and the technology that is already in place.

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