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November 2001
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Security Spotlight

Authenticam, from Panasonic Security & Digital Imaging Co.'s Biometrics Group, is an iris recognition camera system. It comes bundled with Iridian Technology Inc.'s Private ID iris recognition software. Secure Suite software allows multiple users to access PCs, files, folders, applications and password banks.

Reader Response no. 305.

Sign-On, from Communication Intelligence Corp., is security software that uses biometric signature verification to protect users' data. CIC reports that it now supports the new Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 software.

Reader Response no. 306.

SHIELDWORX 2.0, from KOM NETWORKS Inc., is data protection software that can set any hard disk partition, including the boot partition, to a "read-only" state that prohibits the creation, deletion, renaming, moving, or overwriting of its files.

Reader Response no. 307.

File Protector Special Edition 2.05, from Software Abroad, is software that protects files from being renamed, deleted or modified. Files can be made unreadable, read-only, or un-executable.

Reader Response no. 308.

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