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November 2001
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Time & Billing

TS eCenter 2

TS eCenter 2 Sage U.S. Holdings Inc. has released Timeslips eCenter 2, a Web-based application that works with Timeslips time and billing to help users track time and expenses from any computer with Internet access. Users can now enter new names for clients, tasks and expenses directly into the TS eCenter database, and create favorite lists of each.

Reader Response no. 293.

InterAction Integration

Interface Software Inc. has announced its InterAction Integration Service that integrates financial data from Elite Information Group Inc.'s time and billing system, with client relationship intelligence held in InterAction's database.

Reader Response no. 294.

Stromberg Time Manager

Stromberg L.L.C. has introduced Stromberg Time Manager Enterprise/ Corporate Edition 1.3, a client/server system that helps organizations manage time and labor resources. The upgrade provides integration with Windows networks (NT authentication), a streamlined time card approval process, and simplified employee time card editing.

Reader Response no. 295.

Easy Time and Billing

Digital Media Press has released Easy Time and Billing for Windows, time, billing and payroll software that manages employee and subcontractor payroll, and billable hours to clients. Billing can be done per hour, per job or as a combination of both. Its reporting tool prints detailed payroll sheets to be distributed with checks and billing reports for invoices.

Reader Response no. 296.

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