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November 1999

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Litigation Support

Australia's Ringtail Introduces Lantern

RINGTAIL Solutions has entered the United States legal market with the launch of its Lantern suite of litigation support products.

The Lantern suite is based on a Web server/browser platform, and offers case management and transcript depository services.

The line includes Lantern's CourtBook, CaseBook, RealTime, FullText, Media and SnapShot services, it says. The Lantern Information Server, a combination of hardware and software designed specifically for courtroom environments, provides collaborative access, it says.

CaseBook is an Intranet-based electronic filing cabinet of the court case, with a presentation shell; CourtBook, also Web-based, handles document management (and access to documents in the courtroom).

RealTime is a transcript analysis tool; FullText provides analysis of documents; and Media is an Internet audio facility that allows users to hear live court proceedings. SnapShot allows images or documents to be copied to CD or other media for use offline, Ringtail explains.

The suite currently is in use at Courtroom 21, a joint venture of the National Center for State Courts and the College of William and Mary, Ringtail says. The company now plans to explore partnerships with application service providers, vendors and integrators, it says.

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President's Corner

ELF Launches Serengeti Site

ELF, Elite Information Systems Inc., Melting Point and Punch Networks have joined forces to launch Serengeti, a new application service provider (ASP) Web site targeted to the legal profession. The site offers software on either a usage or flat fee, which will include setup, upgrades, maintenance and support of each application or service, they say. The range of products includes case management, time-and-billing, electronic invoicing, deposition repository, litigation support, and more. Among clients already onboard is International Paper, which is using ELF's eInvoice service, says ELF.

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Fax Software

RightFAX 7.0 Combines Technologies

AVT Corp., of Kirkland, Wash., says its RightFAX 7.0 combines network, Internet, and production fax technologies to offer a comprehensive, reliable fax system for law firms and businesses.

AVT says the RightFAX IP Plus Connector provides high-volume delivery options that can lead to cost savings for law firms and other users, including a "capacity on demand" for automatic overflow of fax traffic.

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Time & Billing

PCLaw Line Has New Diary

ALUMNI Computer Group has upgraded its PCLawPro and PCLawJr law office accounting software programs.

Version 4.1 is designed to be simple to install and easy to use, says Alumni, based in Ontario.

Data entry windows have been simplified, and a pop-up "help" button alerts users to problems in data entry. Color coding is used to help lawyers navigate the system, and users can set up a "favorites" window for frequently used functions.

New features include a diary system for tracking important dates; a feature allowing users to bill anticipated disbursements; and new management reports.

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Practice Management

eCounsel Monitors Budgets

BRIDGEWAY Software Inc. has released eCounsel, an Intranet-based practice management system designed for corporate law departments.

The program is "pushbutton simple," promises the company. It helps corporate counsel monitor budgets and can be used to create instant reports.

The program alerts corporate users to the firms and matters that are taking the lion's share of the company's budget, it says. The eCounsel system includes Internet links to outside counsel's billing systems, to allow invoices to be securely reviewed and approved, without paper, says Bridgeway, which is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

The program helps time management by warning counsel when filings are approaching, or contracts must be completed. It can issue reminders to staff, and integrates with workgroup calendars such as Microsoft Outlook, reports Bridgeway.

The program also integrates with Professional Fee Manager, from PeerPoint Technologies Inc., Bridgeway notes.

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