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November 1999

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Court Report

Supreme Court's Greatest Hits CD

Northwestern University Press has released The Supreme Court's Greatest Hits, a CD-ROM that contains more than 70 hours of Supreme Court oral arguments and opinion pronouncements from 50 of the most important cases decided in the last 40 years.

Cases include New York Times v. U.S. (1971); Miranda v. Arizona (1966); Gideon v. Wainwright (1963); Roe v. Wade (1973); and more. Issues range from presidential power; racial/gender discrimination; freedom of the press and religion; free expression; right to counsel; search and seizure; privacy; abortion; the death penalty; and more, reports Northwestern.

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Decisions on CD

InfoSynthesis Inc., of St. Paul, Minn., has announced the release of USSC+ CD-ROM 1999-2, which contains 11,445 full text decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court. It offers full coverage of the Court's decisions from 1922 through June, 1999, reports InfoSynthesis. Alternatively, any decision in the database can be downloaded from the company's Web site ( in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format, says InfoSynthesis.

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Appearance by Phone

Lawyers who practice in Virginia's Fairfax County Circuit Court can now make non-evidentiary civil motion appearances using Appearance by Phone, a new service from ConferenceCallService, of Mountainside, N.J. Sub-conferencing is available for private matters and settlement conferences, the company notes.

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Court Directories

WANT Publishing Co., of New York, has announced several new products:

* Your Nation's Courts Online is a new service that complements the material available in the company's court directories, it says. It includes contact information for federal district and bankruptcy judges and clerks of court, magistrate judges, and U.S. Attorneys, and is updated monthly.

* Your Nation's Courts on Disk, 2000 is available on both WordPerfect and Word formats (compatible with both DOS and Windows), it reports.

* Want's Federal-State Court Directory 2000 includes a complete listing of federal judges and clerks, plus new nominations to the federal bench, it says. It also includes Web site listings. The state section lists the chief Justice, Supreme Court clerk, and state court administrator for each state court, Supreme Court members, organization charts and more.

* The Directory of State Court Clerks & County Courthouses, 2000 complements the federal-state directory, with information that will help practitioners find court decisions, real estate records, UCC and tax liens, and more.

The directory includes contact information for the state courts, key offices, and more, says Want.

* The Federal Court Appointments Report is now available in both print and e-mail editions.

It updates the company's federal-state directory with information about new appointees as well as judges who are assuming senior status and other vacancies.

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Legalex Rules Upgrade

Legalex Rules says it has completely upgraded the court rules on its Web site, for the fifth time this year. About 40 state and federal timelines have been added to the site since January, it reports.

They are available via the Internet at, and can be downloaded to users' Legalex subdirectory, advises the San Francisco-based company.

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