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Networking Storage

Blazer Storage Is Browser-Based

SciNet, of Sunnyvale, Calif. has introduced Blazer, an expandable network-attached storage application. Designed for workstations using Microsoft Windows, it is compact, portable, and a low-cost alternative to purchasing a new file server, says SciNet. The unit plugs in and is operable in five minutes, and can be used for independent storage, off-loading traffic from main file servers. The browser-based management can be administered by non-technical novices, from anywhere, it says, and can be easily expanded by sliding in a new drive, which is automatically prepared for network use, SciNet notes.

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IBM Shark

IBM says it is shipping its new IBM Enterprise Storage Server, code-named "Shark." Pitney Bowes Inc. took first delivery of the new server, reports IBM from its San Jose offices. The server can scale from 420 GB to more than 11 TB, it says, and has two four-way symmetric multiprocessors, and serial storage architecture.

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Cyclone Certified

Procom Technology Inc., of Santa Ana, Calif., has announced that its Cyclone turnkey storage system has been certified by Matrox Video Products Group, for use on the Matrox DigiSuite real-time nonlinear editing platforms.

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Quantum DLT 8000

Overland Data Inc., of San Diego, has begun shipping automation systems with Quantum DLT 8000 drives, it says. The products are designed for a variety of applications and include LoaderXpress, MiniLibraryXpress, LibraryXpress, and EnterpriseXpress.

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OneWorld OfficePort

OneWorld Systems Inc., of Sunnyvale, Calif., has announced the release of its OneWorld OfficePort network communications appliances, designed to provide Internet access, routing, remote access, fax and network modem pooling needs of small firms.

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RAID I/O Fibre

Unison Information Systems, Ltd., of Framingham, Mass., says its new RAID I/O Fibre offers more than 3 TB of storage when configured with up to 60 drives. The unit provides transfer rates up to 200 MB/second and an industrial tower design, it says.

For more information ENTER no. 234 after Clicking Here.

DLT Array 7000+

Data General Corp., of Westboro, Mass., has released its DLT Array 7000+, which the company says combines Data General's chassis design with Quantum's DLTtape drive technology, and third-generation tape array controller design from Ultera Systems, of Laguna Hills, Calif. It offers 40 MB/second transfer rate, with up to 280 GB of compressed capacity, says DG.

For more information ENTER no. 233 after Clicking Here.

Data Silo DS350

Kingston Technology has debuted its Data Silo DS350, which the company says provides rugged, reliable housing for SCSI storage devices. The rack mount chassis can support 3.5 inch and 5.25 inch full-height, half-height and low profile devices, says Kingston, of Fountain Valley, Calif. It also can accommodate Kingston's Data Express removable drive enclosures, it says.

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