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November 1999

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Motorola Debuts Pocket Paralegal

Motorola Inc., in conjunction with West Group and Idea Technologies Corp., has announced the availability of Pocket Paralegal, a software application that delivers legal information to information to PageWriter 2000 two-way pagers and PageWriter 2000X two-way wireless communications center users.

Using PocketParalegal, practitioners can query, via the Web, the WestLaw database to obtain information on cases, statutes, key notes and other information from any remote location, says Motorola. Information requested via PocketParalegal can be sent directly to the LCD screen of the PageWriter 2000, to a fax machine or to an e-mail account.

With add-on software, the units also offer sales automation, financial tracking, medical information, real estate updates, weather and traffic updates, driving instructions, and more.

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Wireless Partners

Elite Information Group, based in Los Angeles, has announced an alliance with Wireless Verticals Inc., a software developer for PDAs and handheld/smartphone devices.

The partnership will allow customers of Wireless Verticals, which is based in Austin, Texas, to use time-and-billing capabilities from both Elite Information and the newly-launched online service, the companies say.

Legal professionals will be able to track time-based activities, as well as expenses, from any remote location. The companies plan to offer synchronization with PCs, via wireless transmission, wireline service, or PC transmission, says Elite.

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USB Modem

Multi-Tech Systems Inc., from Mounds View, Minn., has introduced its MultiMobileUSB, a dual mode 56Kbps modem that supports both ITU V.90 and K56 Flex standards. The small unit weighs only two ounces, and is built into a USB cable. It requires no power supply and frees up PC card slots, says Multi-Tech.

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QuickLink Scanner

Wizcom Technologies, Inc., has announced the QuickLink Pen Personal Scanner. The small, pen-shaped, handheld device can store up to 1000 pages of material in ASCII format, which can then be transferred to either a Palm Pilot or PC via a serial or IRDA infrared data port. The QuickLink can read all printed typefaces and font sizes ranging from 6 to 22 points. Wizcom Technologies is headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel.

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Hewlett-Packard has debuted its HP CD-Writer PlusM820e portable rewriteable drive. The small device can write at 4x speed and read at 20x speed, and create CDs with up to 650 MB of storage, says H-P, based in Palo Alto, Calif. The drive features drag-n-drop CD creation with Adaptec DirectCD, Easy CD Creator, and Easy CD Audio programs, it says.

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Princeton Softech Inc. has introduced SyncPoint, which enables Microsoft Windows CE users to synchronize a firm's database with a local database on handheld PCs. It supports most databases, including Oracle, DB2, UDB, Sybase and SQL Server, as well as provides ODBC support for other client databases, reports, Princeton Softech, based in Princeton, N.J.

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Scout Projector

Lightware Inc. has released its new Scout multimedia projector. Weighing five pounds, it has a brightness of 500 lumens, and can run images from a VCR, DVD, CD and directly from a laptop, says Lightware, based in Beaverton, Ore.

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Information Carrier

SanDisk Corp., headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., says its Personal Information Carrier is a small, wearable solid state device. The unit can be used to carry personal information such as medical records or identification data, says the company.

The flash memory cards are matchbook size, and weigh only two grams, it says.

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