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October 2000
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Networking & Storage

Procom Releases NetFORCE 3.2

Procom Technology Inc. has released Version 3.2 software to support its mid-range and high-end NetFORCE series of network attached storage units including the 1500, 2200 HA and 2500 SFT platforms. New features of the software include ether channel port aggregation support, which allows for load balancing between two Ethernet ports while utilizing a single IP address.

A new cross-platform lock manager between NT and UNIX operating systems. Support is included for Thursby Software System to allow for MacIntosh user connectivity. Diagnostic e-mail support allows users to perform system diagnostics and health-check via e-mail.

Information: Reader Response 311.

Procom also announced that Simple Technology has chosen Procom's NetFORCE 1500 to expand its storage capabilities.

Simple Technology is a provider of standard and custom memory systems.

Its product design requires storage space that can accommodate digitized images and test files. Simple Technologhy says it needed a fault-tolerant storage system that could provide quick access to all design data.

The NetFORCE 1500 is also helping to expedite Simple Technology's expansion into new and emerging memory and Flash applications such as digital cameras, MP3 digital audio plays, PDS and various Internet devices.

Information: Reader Response 312.

MTI Technology

MTI Technology Corp. has been chosen by iKimbo! to provide a scalable storage system. IKimbo! is a freestanding platform that enables multiple users to communicate and collaborate over the Internet.

With its incorporation of fibre channel switch technology, MTI's Vivant V20's fault-tolerant design assures availability of iKimbo!'s data, the company asserts. The V20 supports iKimbo!'s Sun enterprise servers and Oracle databases on a Storage Area Network architecture. MTI's SAN connectivity is being used to support the company's environment.

Information: Reader Response 313.

Rewritable DVD

Panasonic Document Imaging Co. has released the LF-D201U Rewritable 4.7G B DVD storage unit for PCs. It can store up to 4,000 full-color digital images, two hours of MPEG-2 video.

Information: Reader Response 314.

Nokia Platforms

Nokia has released three new IP network application platforms:

* The IP330 is designed for small organizations that rely on Internet access and secure network.

It is just one rack unit in size for space conservation. As a network device, the IP 330 supports IP-routing functions and protocols.

Its integrated router function eliminates the need for separate Intranet and access routers in security applications.

* The Nokia IP650 has all the features of the IP330 plus front access and five standard Compact PCI I/O slots for interface cards. It is a rack-mounted unit 19-inches wide. Connectivity options include a high-density 10/100 Ethernet. The IP 650 also features hot-swappable components such as interface cards and fan trays, which can be removed and replaced without taking down the entire network.

* The IP440 comes with security-application software and network services such as frame relay and routing.

It is a 19-inch rack-mounted unit that can support up to 16 physical interfaces. It includes four PCI slots with a range of interface card options including a high-density 10/100 Ethernet. The IP440 also allows for remote management via a Web-based management application that operates with any standard browser.

Information: Reader Response 315.

Highway Server

CaminoSoft Corp. has released a new version of its hierarchical data storage management system, Highway Server. It provides automated network storage access management for the Novell NetWare 5.x operating system, the company says. Highway Server is available for NetWare 5.x and provides an interface between NetWare 4.x and 5.x file systems and optical storage devices. It is scaleable from single server to enterprise-wide configurations, and can manage data from multiple servers. Additional features include transparent management of on-line, near-line, and off-line data, and support for 5.2GB optical media. Highway Server supports workstations running Windows 2000/9x/NT, DOS, UNIX OS/2 and MacIntosh.

Information: Reader Response 316.

Tape Cartridges

The Computer Products Division of Fuji Photo Film U.S.A. Inc. has begun shipping Linear Tape-Open Ultrium 1 100GB tape cartridges to drive manufacturers. The LTO specification was developed after collaborations with Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Seagate, using technology from all three companies to create high performance-level tape capabilities, according to Fuji.

Information: Reader Response 317.

Microtech Systems

Microtech Systems says it has doubled the capacity of its ImageAutomator CD-R production systems, moving up from 200 to 400 discs. By adding an optional second elevator, the 105C, 105 and 200 models can increase input and output capacities to extend unattended operation, the company reports.The latest option allows users to build a CD-R production system to suit a wide range of application requirements, the company notes.

Information: Reader Response 318.

Producer Prostar

MARCAN Inc. is now shipping the latest CD-R production system from Rimage called the Producer Prostar. MARCAN says the new system creates up to 35 CDs every 10 minutes, has a 500 disc capacity and comes with up to eight 12X recorders. Prostar uses Rimage's Perfect Image Producer Software Suite to automate production as well as a Rimage Prism thermal, 600 by 300 dpi, color printer. Also standard is Rimage's Perfect Print feature that aligns custom text with pre-silk screened images. The Prostar also uses patented architecture to support up to eight unique data streams for simultaneous imaging, network downloading and recording.

Information: Reader Response 321.

Photoshop 6.0

Adobe Systems Inc., of San Jose, has released Adobe Photoshop 6.0, the latest upgrade to its image editing software. The new version offers improved Web workflow, and a streamlined interface, as well as ImageReady 3.0, its Web component. For Web designers, the software offers new vector drawing tools.

Information: Reader Response 376.

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