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October 2000
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Utilities Roundup

Utilities RoundupFinePrint Web is a printer driver that allows users to format and create a layout for selected Web pages intended for printing, according to FinePrint Software. Users can collect, rearrange, reformat, and save Web print jobs, the company says. It can print two, four, or eight Web pages on a single sheet of paper.

FilePrint Web works with Netscape, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers as well as Adobe Acrobat.

Information: Reader Response 260.

RunFAX for Windows NT is a Web-based server and fax receiving software that allows users to read faxes using a Web browser, reports Arcosoft Inc. When a new fax arrives or a fax is moved to another folder, users automatically receive notification via e-mail, pager or wireless phone, and then can access the document via a Web browser. Faxes also can be forwarded as e-mail attachments.

RunFAX Standard supports one fax line and standard Web servers. RunFax Secure has all the features of the standard version with added support for two fax lines and secure Web server.

Information: Reader Response 261.

LinKtoLinK 2.1, from Boundaries Unlimited Inc., helps Webmasters create and maintain a Web page of related links. With LinKtoLinK, users can collect candidate Web site links into a database, send e-mail link exchange messages using built-in templates, manage the status of thousands of offers and agreed-to links, and test that each link is functioning properly, the company says.

LinKtoLink comes in two versions. The free, ad-supported version provides basic services to manage an unlimited number of reciprocal links for one Web site. LinKtoLinK Pro manages an unlimited number of Web sites and corresponding links, and offers "link harvesting" and exporting.

Information: Reader Response 262.

FileTracer 1.1, from In Depth Software, is a Windows-based program that finds and lists files anywhere on the user's hard drive using an indexed and automatically updated file catalog. It features a user interface similar to Windows Explorer and is useful for large drives containing many files, the company says.

Users can list all the files on the hard disk that meet certain criteria, such as text documents modified between dates, all mp3 or jpg files, or files saved during the last so many days. FileTracer monitors file activity and updates its indexes accordingly.

Information: Reader Response 263.

Modem Booster 2.1 Web accelerator checks modem settings to see if it is optimized and tunes up the connection for peak performance, according to inKline Global Inc. Users have the choice of using the optimized settings when the results show that these settings are better than their original. After tuning-up, Modem Booster's dialer can be used to dialup their ISP using the optimized settings, the company says. This new version provides support for AOL and CompuServe 2000 and Windows 2000 Internet connections.

Information: Reader Response 264.

Advanced HTML Toolkit 1.0 for Windows is an integrated set of tools for Webmasters and users, says SerpikSoft. Users can view Web pages with a built-in browser and change the source code with an editor that supports HTML syntax highlighting. Users can view and edit in the same window, the company says. Advanced HTML Toolkit allows users to batch replace, insert or delete entire paragraphs of text across multiple documents. An included HTML optimizer can reduce the size of documents. The program also includes a converter from HTML to text with support for paragraphs, line breaks, lists, etc.

Information: Reader Response 265.

Advanced Launcher 1.2, from SerpikSoft, allows users to create several customizable toolbars at once. Clicking on a toolbar button can either run an application or show a multilevel customizable menu. Each toolbar can be shown as a small window or hidden so that it won't take up a large part of the desktop.

Information: Reader Response 266.

SuperNotes 1.0 is a digital notes program that can be displayed on a computer screen. The software, developed by Integratech Software, allows users to organize any type of information ­ to-do lists, birthdays, meetings, phone numbers, appointments, and other reminders. Users can create an unlimited number of digital notes. The program is OLE-enabled, which means that links or images such as pictures, maps and documents, as well as sound and video clips can be attached to each note.

Information: Reader Response 267.

Active LogView 2.03 for Windows 2000/NT/95 is a log analysis program that lets Webmasters see their server statistics via regular browser, says SoftCab. Statistics can be accessed from any computer that is connected to the Internet. Active LogView provides analysis of total requests, unique visits, advanced referrer lists, hourly summaries and more. Active LogView can also accumulate statistics by saving them into a small file.

Information: Reader Response 268.

Cybercorder 2000 lets users record radio shows or any sound input on the PC hard disk drive, says Skyhawk Technologies. It allows users to use a PC like a VCR to schedule audio recordings. It works by connecting the output jack of the audio source to the input jack of the PC sound card, and adjusting the Windows mixer. The program allows recording with any of the audio compression formats, sampling rates, and frequencies available on the system to save disk space. Recordings are saved on disk as standard .wav files.

Information: Reader Response 269.


Utilities Roundup Nextel Communications Inc. has released its i550plus Internet-capable phone, which is manufactured by Motorola. The phone combines digital cellular service, text/numeric paging, and Nextel Direct Connect digital two-way radio, the company says. Other features include a Web browser for access to Nextel's Online Wireless Internet Services, Caller ID, a missed call indicator, and a list of the last ten numbers called/received.

Information: Reader Response 270.

Utilities RoundupGlobalstar is a consortium of international telecommunications companies that provide satellite telephony services through a network of select service providers. The Globalstar system was designed to provide satellite-based service to users who tend to roam outside of their coverage area, work in remote areas where normal cellular systems do not yet exist, or need to stay in touch when travelling internationally. Qualcomm, Ericsson, and Telit are currently manufacturing phones capable of functioning on the Globalstar system.

Information: Reader Response 271.

Utilities RoundupThe Nokia 3310 mobile phone features a chat function that allows users to send Internet chatroom-type text messages using their phones, says Nokia Corp. It can also send picture messages to other picture message-enabled Nokia phones, the company says. The phone utilizes Nokia's FriendsTalk, a mobile online application that enables mobile operators and service providers to offer additional communication services for subscribers.

Information: Reader Response 272.

Utilities Roundup The KX-TD1232-4 and the KX-TD816-4 Digital Super Hybrid phone systems feature digital voice mail integration with live call screening, uniform call distribution, and phantom extensions for making calls available to any number of phones at the same time, reports Panasonic Consumer Electronics Co.

Both models also have speakerphone capability. An extra device port is also included and functions as a built-in RJ-11 jack for connecting any single-line device, such as a fax or computer, directly to the phone line.

A cordless telephone can also be integrated with each system.

Information: Reader Response 273.

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