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October 2001
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Document Management

Omniva Policy Systems Corp. has debuted Omniva Policy Manager 3.0, to help companies set and enforce e-mail policies. It offers central control over e-mail messages and documents. It includes Policy Studio for defining and implementing e-policies, Policy Agent for instituting policy into Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, and Policy Monitor for tracking compliance.

Reader Response no. 243.

FileControl Inc. has launched a word/phrase search component for's browser-based Active Document Management System for electronic document management. FileControl offers the ADMS as an ASP service, or in an Intranet version.

Reader Response no. 244.

Quiver Inc. says QKS Classifieds, organizes content into a directory of corporate knowledge. Quiver's hybrid taxonomy platform integrates classification algorithms with a workflow and directory management tool kit.

Reader Response no. 243.

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