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October 2001
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CANADA: Fast Forward for Ontario's Real Estate Practice

By Scott Nesbitt

TECHNOLOGY is transforming real estate conveyancing in Ontario as the province shifts from a 200 year-old paper-based land registration system to an electronic system known as e-reg. Title "documents" are created, exchanged and submitted electronically and do not have to be produced in paper form to have legal effect.

* * * *

AUSTRALIA: Circling the Tech Globe: What's up Down Under?

By Eddie O'Brien

BOTH Australia and the U.S.A. share British roots, with its very strong legal heritage that has allowed both countries to blossom and grow with solid democratic and legislative foundations.

* * * *

CHINA: Tips to Improve Online Research

By Victor Lee

TRADITIONALLY, performing China's legal research is tedious and time-consuming. To read through hundred of thousands of pages of books, newspapers and articles in hope of finding the desired materials is an ordeal to most researchers. There was also a lack of indexing or sorting service readily available in the past.

* * * *

Data Management Comes of Age

By Sally R. Gonzalez

KNOWLEDGE management is fast coming of age in law firms. In a nutshell, knowledge management is a discipline designed to harvest, re-use, and extend an organization's knowledge. Law firms are the archetypal "knowledge intensive business," in essense, a law firm sells information. Those firms that recognize that effective adoption of state-of-the-art knowledge management practices is essential, not merely a luxury, will thrive in the face of global competition.

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