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October 2001
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Lessons Learned

Echoes of Northridge & I.R.A. Bombings

Garry C. Herron

UNPLEASANT surprises can be dangerous and expensive, especially when they reach the point where they are called "emergencies" or "disasters." We cannot eliminate these events, but we can take steps to guard against them, and we can make preparations that will help return daily activities and business to normal.

* * * *

Echoes of Northridge & I.R.A. Bombings

By Charles Christian

DUE TO the fact the that U.K. has had the dubious distinction of having I.R.A. terrorists waging a campaign in London, blowing up people and buildings, for the best part of 25 years, we do have -- sadly -- some experience with atrocities of this nature. Mercifully, none of the ones we have suffered have been on the scale of either the WTC or Pentagon outrages.

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