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October 2001
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HUD-2 Online

BlumbergExcelsior has launched its Blumberg HUD-2 Online service, at It is a single-closing version of the full-featured QuikClose Pro software. In developing the new product, Blumberg has partnered with Savant Software L.L.C. (which has developed other software for the settlement service industry), it says.

With HUD-2 Online, users can do electronic forms preparation, with customizable line titles and notes, automatic calculation and recalcuation, as revisions are made and saved. The database retains common file informatoin for later closes.

Reader Response no. 228.


eCM 4.0

Steelpoint Technologies Inc. has released Introspect eCM 4.0,a legal content management application that integrates into personal information management systems, including Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. It features a flexible, scalable content server, advanced printing features, a Bates stamp module, enhanced reporting capabilities, and privileged pages and documents, says the company.

It also includes transcript compatibility with LiveNote, RealLegal and other transcript applications supporting portable transcript format files. Both the in-house or ASP versions grant access to documents from within Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Reader Response no. 229.

Virtual Partner

Daticon Inc. has announced Virtual Partner Administration Tool 6.0.It makes housekeeping and administration tasks easier for Virtual Partner users, and features a simplified user interface, says the company.

It offers wizards for creating databases and users, and manages all configuration and modifications from within Virtual Partner. 6.0 has an unlock utility to unlock users, database and documents from one central location, and it provides greater security setup for databases, user rights and privileges.

Reader Response no. 230.


The Patent and License Exchange

The Patent and License Exchange Inc. has launched TRRU professional metrics.

The Web-based I.P. valuation calculator combines I.P.-specific data provided by the user with relevant live financial market data, to yield an indication of value for raw technology, a patent, or a patent portfolio, the company says.

The release coincides with recent statements by the Financial Accounting Standards Board requiring companies to account for the value of I.P. in mergers and acquisitions, says the company.

Reader Response no. 231.



BNA Software has released ND.web, as an addition to its fixed asset software line: BNA Fixed Assets Next Dimension. It manages fixed assets via Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 (Service Pack 2) or higher.

BNA Software acts as an application service provider, with the program database and all user data files residing at its host service provider, Data Return Corp. of Dallas.

The software provides wizards, and flexible reporting.

An "open timeline" approach to accounting lets users view and change historical data for all assets at any time in an asset's life, with changes triggering thorough recalculations.

Reader Response no. 232.

Perfect Access Spear has released Extending the Power of Word 2002, its new handbook to Microsoft XP suite's new wordprocessing program. It covers smart tags, formatting, new features, third-party integration, and more.

Reader Response no. 246.

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