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October 2001
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We Want To Catalog Experts Data

Penny Turner, of Grand Rapids, asks: I am looking for software that our firm can purchase to put our expert information into and allow us to search on the contents and bring up the actual documents. I would also be interested in any companies that already have a database, would host our database or both. Do you have a list of such sources?

We Want To Catalog Experts Data

By Guy Wiggins

FORTUNATELY, there are a number of products on the market that answer this need, and a number of approaches. The software most often used in law firms to search for information in documents is document management software. For networked firms, a DMS is indispensable for saving, retrieving and managing documents. It helps a firm turn its documents (and the language and ideas they contain), into an easily-searchable library that combines the power of a structured database with the full-text searching flexibility of a service such as Lexis or Westlaw.

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We Want To Catalog Experts Data

By Timothy Anderson and Jo M. Haraf

DURING the Gold Rush, droves of citizens packed their belongings and headed west to make their fortunes. With little, if any training, they headed down to the rivers with pans to sift through the soil at the river bottom looking for the nuggets of gold that would make them rich. Some people got lucky, but many people failed.

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