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October 2001
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Security Checkpoint

LANguard Security Event Log Monitor,from GFI Software Ltd., detects network intrusions. It retrieves and scans security event logs from servers and workstations in real-time. The software alerts administrators to failed access to confidential files, log-on failures, user account changes and additions, successful logons outside office hours, and more.

Reader Response no. 200.

RedHand Pro V7, from Redhand Software Ltd., provides a full audit of software and hardware resources and individualized desktop configurations. It logs keystrokes, performs screen capture, and reports data from logs of third-party firewall, anti-viral, e-mail scanning and Internet filtering products.

The software immediately alerts administrators to security breaches. It provides lockdown capabilities, and its forensic evidence of offending actions is available regardless of time elapsed.

Reader Response no. 201.

From Motion Media Technology:

* Sentinel Plus, a remote video surveillance device, facilitates connectivity to monitored locations using standard phone lines or ISDN connections. It provides real-time, full-screen video at up to 30 frames-per-second, and on-board control for up to six video and audio sources.

It supports a range of existing CCTV and alarm products, and when tripped, it can dial a central monitoring station, display the alarmed video on any TV or NTSC display, and provide accompanying text description of alarm activity, location, or other status information.

* Eyesite 140 is a portable IP-based video transmission device for remote surveillance that operates over local or wide area networks with low bandwidth impact on the network's speed.

It provides real-time remote transmission of up to 30 frames-per-second on up to six video inputs. It connects to any TV or NTSC monitor, offering full-screen video and display options such as moveable picture-in-picture. Secure access is achieved with dual-level PIN codes.

Reader Response no. 202.

Quality Technology Solutions Inc. and RSA Security Inc. have announced that QTS has joined RSA's channel program as a "Secure-World Product Reseller" for the SecurID product line, including RSA ACE/Server.

RSA SecurID and ACE/Server are authentication software titles.

Reader Response no. 203.

Folder Guard 5.0, from WinAbility Corp., offers a range of tools. It hides or password-protects files and folders, can make folders invisible or read-only, and controls access to system and program files. It can restrict access to desktop folders, start menu, and control panel commands on stand-alone or networked computers.

Hidden folders become invisible to all applications including MS-DOS programs.

Reader Response no. 204.

Advanced NT Security Explorer, from ElcomSoft Co. Ltd., helps NT/2000/XP system administrators identify and close security holes in networks.

It executes comprehensive audits, exposes insecure account passwords, recovers lost passwords, and accesses users' Windows accounts.

It can also access a computer's hard drive from across a network, and attempt to hack into it for passwords.

Reader Response no. 205.

Business Intelligence Guide, by James Kemp and available from eBookMall Inc., is an e-book exploring the strategies of business intelligence.

It covers legal and moral issues, and techniques for developing research, collecting data, performing analysis, and the set up and maintenance of a business intelligence division. It is available in Palm and Microsoft Reader formats.

Reader Response no. 206.

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