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October 2001
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Snap Shot: Liz Andrews

Snap Shot: Liz Andrews
Photo by Monica Bay.
Location, La Quinta, Calif.
VITALS: Undergrad: Bournemouth College of Technology, England. B.A. English.

CURRENT POST: Currently between gigs.

PAST JOBS: Director of technology at San Francisco's Townsend and Townsend and Crew L.L.P; Pettit & Martin. Chicago's Winston & Strawn.

BAR ACTIVITIES: LawNet Inc. member, board of directors 1988, 1999-2001. Conference committee member, 1998 and 1999. Northern California regional vice-president, 1991-1993. LawNet is the largest independent legal technology users group in America, with more than 700 member firms.

OFFICE SYSTEM: At my last firm, Hewlett Packard Vectra computer; HP printers. Windows 95, Word 97, PC Docs.

FAVORITE GADGET: Don't have one -- I consider myself electronically challenged with little gizmos.

LAPTOP: Dell Inspiron.

HOME SYSTEM: Hewlett Packard Pavilion 7360; LaserJet 4L.

HOME ISP: Pacific Bell.

PAGER: Nope.

PDA: Kyocera Smartware QCP 6035 (incorporating the Palm OS).

FAVORITE COMPUTER GAME: What me, play games on a computer? It's against policy.

FAVORITE NON-TECH MAGAZINE: Red Herring, Fast Company, Bazaar.

FAVORITE TV SHOW: West Wing and Antiques Roadshow.

LETTERMAN OR LENO: Neither. If I'm up I watch detective show reruns.

CARS: 1996 Nissan 240SX.

LAST BOOK READ: Prodigal Summer, by Barbara Kingsolver, and The Hours, by Michael Cunningham.

WATCH: A 25-year-old Aflex.

MOST IMPORTANT LEGAL TECH TREND? Portal desktops that give access to all applications and services and data, through a single interface, allowing the mining of both legacy and current data into understandable presentations of information.

YOUR MOST IMPORTANT TECH ACCOMPLISHMENT IN LAST 12 MONTH? Business process analysis of records management and I.P. docket processes, application analysis, vendor analysis and system selection to allow the future implementation of image-based workflow processing for an intellectual property prosecution practice.

WHERE WOULD WE FIND YOU ON A SATURDAY AFTERNOON? Hanging out with my friends haunting open art studios, art shows, and street fairs (or sometimes just shopping).

APPOINTMENT I NEVER MISS: My trainer. She's mean (and I have to pay her anyway).



LAST VACATION: Llanelli, South Wales to visit my family and friends. (You can only pronounce it if you were born there.)

FREQUENT FLIER: United Airlines, just a regular humble frequent flier.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "The only thing that remains constant is change." --Hericlitus

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