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October 2001
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Rapid Response

Within hours of the news of the tragedies in N.Y. C. and Washington, D.C., our community galvanized, donating money to the American Red Cross, and lending support, knowledge and equipment. Just a small sampling:

* LexisNexis has put together a terrific list of resources to assist those affected.
* West Group: Mobilized a team of customer service, tech support, reference attorneys and sales and account staff to triage and restore computer resources and facilities. Organized a clearinghouse on FindLaw. (800) 408-9378.
* CaseShare Systems: Will set up virtual centers for displaced lawyers and lawfirms via its SharePort paperless office system (based on Exchange 2000). Will provide services at a deep discount or free, depending on circumstances. Contact:
* LawNet: Web site offers resources and a downloadable disaster recovery manual.
* Ozmosys: We're in NYC and willing to assist with technical support, temporary staffing, or any other way we can help. We will pass on any charges at our costs.
* CaseCentral is providing a free hosting program to some government agencies and existing customers.
* Pennington Consulting of Staten Island is offering up to two days of free consulting. We can help restore files and create new systems; and provide help desk needs for several weeks or until firms are able to once again meet their own needs. (718)-979-0023, at
* The Tennessee Bar offers a detailed outline for disaster recovery, prepared in the aftermath of the tornado in Clarksville, by Suzanne Rose. See
* The San Francisco Bar Association Endowment has established a fund to help the families of the victims of last week's terrorist attacks. The Lawyers
* United For America fund will establish a nationwide resource to families of the victims to pay for their costs of settling the affairs of those whose lives were lost (probate and other legal costs.)
* Hewlett Packard has contributed equipment to the New York Attorney General's Office, the New York Police Department, and the New York City Trauma Unit.
* The American Bar Association's many entities are offering a panoply of services.
* The Law Student Division is organizing blood drives. The Young Lawyers Division has an established FEMA volunteer program ready to go.
* Volunteers from the Law Practice Management section are working with the New York bars on technology issues.

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