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September 2000
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Mail Call

Editor's note: Here is a round-up of e-mail products and services that have been featured in Law Technology News during the last few months.

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LE-Mail, from LegalEdge Software, allows users to send case management data via e-mail directly from LegalEdge. It also automatically links incoming e-mails to a particular matter and/or specific parties, says the company.

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SecureNotes is a document delivery system from Software, and is designed to protect e-mail. A unique ID and password combination must be verified on the target server before access is granted.

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Mailing List Manager 2.0 creates forms on Web sites and helps users compile, manage and track multiple mailing lists. From SharpeWare.

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Outlook E-mail Security Update thwarts computer viruses such as the recent "I Love You" and "Melissa" infestations.

It limits certain functionality within Microsoft's Outlook, preventing users from accessing certain e-mail attachments that could carry viruses, and warns them if a program is trying to access their Outlook Address Book or send e-mail messages on their behalf.

From Microsoft Corp.

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JVC Digital Storage Systems has teamed with xVault Inc. to produce the E-Mail Management Solution. The product includes xVault's xVmail software, bundled with JVC's MC-2000 Series CD/DVD Library System.

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Document Express Pro is a contact management and bulk e-mailer combination, that is based on "permission marketing "principles, reports the namesake company.

Web site owners can download information submitted from the site directly into the Document Express database.

The software then manages the information, and allows users to send bulk, personalized e-mails, with the built-in mail merge functions.

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Outback Plus backs up e-mail, contact files and attachments with one click. Designed for use with Microsoft Outlook e-mail, it uses a compressed, zip-compatible archive to create small, easily-managed files. From, of Bloomfield, N.J.

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Keep It Simple Solution allows users to send certified mail with two clicks. It is compatible with Microsoft Word and other Windows-based applications. A local area network (LAN) version is also available.

From PostMaster Software Inc. of Boca Raton, Fla.

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We-Comply, based in Mamaroneck, N.Y., offers a free "E-Mail Privacy Quiz" at

Among issues covered are the legality of e-mail monitoring; the purpose and scope of acceptable use policies; impermissible and improper uses of e-mail and Internet access; passwords and encryption; and penalties for violation of policies.

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Xpedite, headquartered in Eatontown, N.J., has launched three versions of its MessageREACH service.

It is an Internet-based enhanced e-mail service that provides control, tracking, security, personalization, automated administration and other tools for high-volume e-mail applications.

Enter no. 209 after clicking here., Inc. has introduced voice-to-text messaging, using voice recognition through users' Web browsers. Users can receive both e-mail and voicemail via the browser, and the service does not require special software or a new phone number.

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MetroCall Inc. has partnered with Unbound Communications to provide wireless messaging products and services, and distribution for the VTech e-mail PostBox product series.

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Softnet Security Ltd., of Nassau, Bahamas, has announced the release of SafeIt, an e-mail encryption program.

It incorporates a 480-bit long symmetric encryption key, yet users do not need to learn how to use the e-mail program. The software works with existing e-mail programs, it says.

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PHONEslips 4.0 manages phone messages, memos, e-mail, card files, schedules and to-do lists right on each computer, says Telexis LLC.

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Mail Essentials offers anti-virus e-mail protection and integrates with Norman Virus Control, reports GFI.

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The Bat! 1.4 is a e-mail client for Windows 98/NT that allows users to work with multiple e-mail accounts simultaneously, reports RITLABS Software. It provides flexible search functions, and automatic spell-check, as well as filters, and supports 17 languages, it says.

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Actual Software reports that its MultiMail product now integrates with BackupBuddy software, providing e-mail attachment translation and viewing for Palm Computing devices. Users can also combine the programs with InstallBuddy, .

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HEWLETT-Packard Co. says its new HP Digital Sender 8100C is a standalone, network-enabled appliance that can be used to send high-quality color or black-and-white documents electronically, via a LAN or WAN, to any e-mail or fax location. HP says its smart compression technology is embedded in the system, which allows documents to be delivered quickly by most Internet e-mail infrastructures.

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New Mail!

Astata Corp.. has released two new products to assist mobile professionals access e-mail.

E-Attach helps users to receive and read text attachments. It provides a 5 MB capacity per incoming e-mail and can support multiple attachments per message, the company says. Attachments are automatically converted to a text format, such as Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, or HTML, says the San Francisco-based company.

Users can also print e-mail from a handheld device directly to a fax machine using the EZ Print's "Print2Fax" feature. It provides e-mail notification regarding the status of the fax transmission, automatically generates a cover sheet, and can be set up to print only portions of the message.

Both applications can be used on any Web-based phone, including as Sprint PCS, AT&T, Nextel and Verizon, using a portal such as Visto or Cellscape.

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ZixIt Corp. has launched an Internet secure-messaging portal, It can send secure and authenticated messages using the site's Web message form and delivers those messages to authenticated recipients over secure browser connections. Anyone with e-mail can use the portal without having to create another e-mail account, and without having to learn how to use encryption software.

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Evoke Media Player

Evoke Communications has released its Evoke Media Player, which was developed to work with its Evoke Talking E-mail service.

The media player allows users to bypass other media player download choices when using Evoke Talking E-mail, a voice-to-e-mail messaging service. Users can listen to their messages via a Java-compatible Web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

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