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Utilities Roundup

Clock 2.5 for Windows tracks time spent on activities, and offers alarms and timers to remind users of appointments or other scheduled events, says Germany's Cobasoft.

The alarms and timers also can launch programs and play sound and video files. The program also comes with a report function to generate journal files that can be imported into spreadsheet programs.

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AscToHTM 3.3 for Windows 95/98/NT, from U.K.-based JafSoft Ltd., converts plain text files into HTML Web pages using text- recognition algorithms. It is designed for users who want to generate Web pages quickly, or firms that wish to upload large documents to their Intranet/Internet Web sites, the company says.

For advanced users, additional options allow for more customization, such as adding a title, colors, and meta tags.

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MailList Express 3.10 allows users to create personalized letters using templates, according to developer Vista.

It can also manage multiple e-mail accounts, offering distribution list filtering options, the company says. The filter can check for incorrect or inactive e-mail addresses and delete them.

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BitZipper 1.3 for Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 is a WinZip-compatible compression tool that allows users to define files and folders for backup, the company says.

It has a Windows Explorer-like design, a Wizard for archive creation and the ability to search for archived files, the company says. From Bitberry Software..

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RegSafe Professional Edition 1.0 uses "System Snapshot" technology to captures and stores images of system-related data at specified intervals, reports imagine LAN Inc.

RegSafe also lets users view, edit, and manage the registry in a protected environment, the company says.

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Offline Explorer 1.3 for Windows 98/95/NT4/2000 helps users download Internet directories, files, and Web sites to their personal computer. Users can also download information to a a disk for offline work.

From MetaProducts Corp.

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MantaDB Utilities provide personalized tools to enhance Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.0. Keyword search and personal sidebar tools remember favorite Web sites for quick retrieval. A link-checker tool pre-checks links on a page and notifies you of broken links, and options for changing the way a page looks for better viewing are included. From Net 2000 Ltd.

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Remark Office OMR 5.0., from Principia Products Inc. helps users scan plain-paper forms using a PC-compatible image scanner.

Users can create, print and copy their own scannable survey or test forms. The software can grade tests and tabulate survey results, provide data analysis and graphs, or produce data that is compatible with database, statistical or spreadsheet programs, the company says.

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WebStress 3.04 for Windows 95/95/NT/2000 is a stress test for Web servers.

The software simulates traffic generated by a large number of simultaneous Web users, allowing administrators to test the ability of the server to handle differing loads and capacities.

From Paessler Tools.

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DISCookie Factory is a disc-cloning tool that lets PC assemblers and system integrators load software onto the computers they're building, and lets end-users recover corrupted software applications.

It works with desktops, servers, portables, industrial and remote computers, and supports Windows 95/98/NT/2000, MS-DOS, UNIX, Linux and other systems.

From Eurosoft (UK) Ltd.

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Personal Knowbase 2.0 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 organizes research notes, e-mail archives and more using keywords. The software can then search notes based on those keywords, or various combinations of keywords, to find specific information needed.

From Bitsmith Software.

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My Favorites 1.1 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, from inKline Global Inc., lets you automatically launch your daily Web sites with one click. It is compatible with Internet Explorer 5.5, reports the Nevada company.

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Turbo Browser 2000 7.2, from Inc., is an integrated tool kit for managing files and Internet browsing.It offers side-by-side access of "local" files and Internet browsing, reports the New York City company.

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