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September 2001
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Westlaw Wireless

West Group has announced enhanced search and delivery options for Westlaw Wireless, the wireless version of The "Find & Print" option retrieves and instantly sends the full text of up to five documents to one or more e-mail addresses, or to the user's Westlaw printer. The "Find by Title" function helps mobile researchers retrieve cases quickly, even when they don't know the case citation.

The service works with handheld devices including Palm IIIxe/IIIe/V/ Vx/VII and VIIx; RIM Wireless Handheld (Blackberry); Windows Pocket PC; or Handspring Visor Prism/Platinum/Edge.

Reader Response no. 224.

LandWare GoVox

LandWare Inc. has introduced GoVox, a self-contained voice recorder that fits where the flip cover of a Palm VII handheld computer normally goes, and does not consume any of the handheld's memory or battery supply. It offers one-touch recording, and storage of up to 99 voice memos, or eight minutes.

Reader Response no. 225. is a Web site devoted to the sale of varying styli for use with handheld computers. Varieties offered include long and short; rubber and crosshatched grips; multi-colored ballpoints; and a stylus/pen model that doubles as a laser pointer.

Reader Response no. 226.

CalliGrapher 6.0

Phatware Corp. has released CalliGrapher 6.0, handwriting recognition software for mobile devices.

The upgrade features enhancements to the user interface, recognition quality, documentation, and help system. A new feature, PenCommander, lets users create command scripts and execute them by writing the command word and circling it. It supports Microsoft Windows-powered handheld computers including Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC, HP Jornada 720 H/PC 2000, and Casio Casiopia EM5000 Pocket PC, and others.

Reader Response no. 227.

Cresotech Updates

Cresotech Inc. has released upgrades for two of its portable software titles that support Pocket PCs running Microsoft Windows CE 3.0+:

* PocketSafe 1.16 stores and organizes passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal information, and features data encryption, password locking for the application, and optional password protection for each entry. Lite and Pro desktop versions are available and can be synchronized through ActiveSync. The Pro edition adds the ability to export/import database files to and from a Pocket PC device.

The software uses 400 KB on a Pocket PC, or 1 MB on a desktop unit.

* PocketPoint 1.2 is a multimedia tool that creates presentations of photo preview albums. Users can browse all the images stored on the Pocket PC, or review selected images in the slideshow mode, as well as move images around onscreen.

The software supports most graphical image formats, and uses 700 KB on a Pocket PC, and 2 MB on a desktop PC.

Reader Response no. 228.

SYWARE Development

SYWARE Inc. has announced enhancements and additions to its line of mobile device software:

The Visual CE and mEnable families of database development software now support Casio Inc.'s Cassiopeia E-125, the IT Series and EG-800 Industrial Cassiopeias, and the BE-300 Pocket Manager. Both programs allow mobile users to access and modify server data in real-time, and run on all Windows CE and Pocket PC devices.

The Visual CE-based applications Patient, Golf Manager, and myDiner have been added to the mySYWARE library of free database applications for Pocket PC devices. Golf Manager tracks the golf scores of up to four people-per-round.

Reader Response no. 229.

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