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September 2001
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Networking & Storage

LaCie Ltd.

* LaCie's FireWire AIT+ Drives offer a tape capacity of up to 70 GB, "Memory-in-Cassette" memory chips for faster data retrieval, and internal "Active Head Cleaner" mechanisms to automatically remove debris from the media. The hot-pluggable drives do no require terminators or device IDs.

* LaCie's FireWire DDS-3 Drives store data on 24 GB cartridges (compressed) at 7.2 GB-per-hour (2 MB-per-second), and complete automatic read-after-write verification. The hot-pluggable drives are backward compatible with DDS, DDS-DC and DDS-2 formats.

* The Super DLT220 digital linear tape drive provides a native capacity of 110 GB (220 GB compressed) and a transfer rate of 11 MB-per-second. It provides backward read-compatibility with the DLTtape 4000/7000/8000 series, and the DLT1drives.

* LaCie's 20/40/60/75 GB external FireWire Hard Drives have been equipped with a new FireWire controller to double their data throughput. The 7200 rpm drives sustain data transfer rates of 35 MB-per-second and provide burst performance up to 50 Mbps. The 3.5-inch drives can store more than five hours of DV video, more than 100 CD-Audio images, and more than a mile-high stack of documents.

* LaCie's FireWire DVD/CD Rewritable Drives are now supported by DVD Studio Pro 1.1, Apple Computer Inc.'s software for authoring, previewing, Web-enabling, and burning DVD projects.

Reader Response no. 238.


* The PowerFile C200E Enterprise Edition combines the PowerFile C200 Jukebox's TB of digital storage with OTG/Smart Storage's Archive Software.

Its dual DVD/CD-ROM drives can read two discs simultaneously, and the unit connects to a Windows 2000 server to provide Windows and Mac clients with all of their data on a single drive letter.

These FireWire/iLink-compliant units can be daisy-chained limitlessly, and require no client software, SCSI IDs, or termination.

* The PowerFile R200S Solo Writer adds the ability to write DVD-RAM discs via a drag-and-drop interface, and allows unattended bulk disc formatting sessions. This unit can also be hosted on a Power Mac system running Mac OS 9.x, but its Mac clients must be on OS 9.0.4+.

Reader Response no. 239.

Tandberg Data ASA

* The Tandberg SDLT220 is a Super DLTtape drive offering 110 GB of native storage capacity and a transfer rate of 11 MB-per-second (220 GB at 22 MBps with 2:1 compression). It is backward-read compatible with DLT8000, DLT7000 and DLT4000 units, and supports environments running NetWare, UNIX, Windows NT, Linux, or proprietary operating systems. It is also suited for applications in Automation, network attached storage and storage area network environments.

* Tandberg's updated videoconferencing software includes new capabilities for MultiSite videoconferencing, extended IP use, and true native resolutions.

The software can include mixed IP and ISDN connections in the same call, view a presentation on one screen while displaying MultiSite participants on the others, and automatically adjust for optimal bandwidth. It can place or receive calls behind a NAT router, connect up to 10 video sites and four audio sites in the same meeting, and allow participants to use their PCs to display and collaborate on presentations and documents.

Reader Response no. 241.

Verbatim Corp.

Verbatim Corp. has introduced five- and 10-packs of its three-inch, 16x, 185 MB CD-R media. The multicolored discs (available in blueberry, tangerine, avocado, grape, and ruby) can store more than 150 photos, 21 minutes of video, or three hours of MP3 music. They can be recorded and played in most tray-loading drives and players.

Reader Response no. 242.

Netwin Ltd.

Netwin Ltd. has released the SurgeFTP, an FTP server that incorporates SSL/TLS security, and gives administrators local and Web-based control to monitor and limit bandwidth use.

Administrators can generate weekly or monthly use reports, set up aliases such as virtual directories, and set up mirrors to serve as a backup for another FTP server, keep a duplicate Web site, or as an automated offsite backup.

The server can use an existing database for authentication, and can be integrated with Netwin's DMail mail server.

Reader Response no. 244.

MaxOptix Corp.

MXDVD-Enterprise Library, from MaxOptix Corp., offers choices ranging from 436 media slots and two 9.4 GB DVD-RAM drives; up to 1,840 media slots and 64 DVD-RAM drives.

Reader Response no. 243.

Qualtech Inc.

Quatech Inc. has introduced additions to its line of serial USB adapters that allow serial devices to be used in new systems via the USB port. The ESU-100 provides eight RS-232 serial ports, the HSU-100 provides 16 RS-232 serial ports, and the ESU-200/300 and HSU-200/300 respectively provide eight and 16 ports.

Reader Response no. 245.

Vivant D100 Offers 1.7 TB Capacity

Vivant D100, from MTI Technology Corp., is a direct-attached storage device offering 1.7 TB capacity. Users can connect it to a single host via dual high-speed Fibre Channel connections, or to two independent hosts via independent 100 MB-per-second Fibre Channel connections.

Its RAID architecture includes a fully redundant Block Processor featuring dual RAID controllers, each with 128 KB of mirrored cache; and it performs all RAID functions, including parity calculations, striping, cache mirroring and more.

The company also announced that MTI's professional service offerings have been expanded to further help customers manage data storage resources."Vivant Services" now include a technology impact assessment, SAN analysis, and more.

Reader Response no. 351.


Overland Data Inc. &

Overland Data Inc. and Chaparral Network Storage Inc. have collaborated to create a 2 GB Fibre Channel SAN tape library, from Overland's LibraryXpress Neo Series extendable tape libraries and the Chaparral-developed 2-GB Fibre Channel Option.

The new library offers SAN-enabled features including auto sensing of clock rates and fabric or loop topologies, the companies report.

It sustains a data transfer rate of over 180 MB-per-second.

Up to eight Fibre Channel option cards can be installed into a fully configured multi-module Neo Series library.

Reader Response no. 246.

ImageTag &

ImageTag Inc. and Xdrive Technologies Inc. have combined the KwikTag paper-to-digital conversion process and Xdrive's online data repository, to let Xdrive customers store paper as digital documents in the Xdrive repository, the companies report.

Reader Response no. 247.

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