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September 2001
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Quick Takes

Big Brother is Watching You Boss Everywhere 2.3 logs computer usage including which programs are run, duration of use, software installations, Web sites visited, inactivity and keystrokes.

Network administrators can password-protect the program, display a warning message alerting users to its presence, or secretly log usage while keeping the program hidden.

From Alexander Jmerik.

Reader Response no. 248.

RedHand Pro 7 audits computing resources and individual desktop configurations.

It helps administrators monitor applications for keystroke logging and screen capture; and can be used to generate reports (including data from logs of third-party firewall, anti-viral, e-mail scanning and Internet filtering products).

Network administrators are alerted immediately to security breaches and it can lock a system in violation. The software can be customized to the firm's employee privacy standards.

From RedHand Software Ltd.

Reader Response no. 249.

TABS III: Software Technology Inc. now offers "drill-down" editing capabilities in its legal-specific billing software, TABS III. Attorneys can display a report or statement and link from that screen to a case file or a particular fee, cost or payment transaction.

Reader Response no. 258.

Biometrics: Sign-On for Windows measures the speed, rhythm and patterns unique to a signature, and uses biometric verification of handwriting to protect data on a desktop computer. The program uses 128-bit TDES encryption to protect user signatures. From Communication Intelligence Corp.

Reader Response no. 259.

Word 2002: Payne Consulting Group's Microsoft Word 2002 for Law Firms, is now available from Prima Publishing. It covers Word 2002 (a.k.a. Office XP), and includes a CD-ROM. Topics range from the basics to helpful hints for the most advanced users, including material on troubleshooting and a glossary for beginners.

Reader Response no. 352.

LexisNexis Group has expanded its alliance with Expert Ease Software to create a linking capability. Deal Proof helps legal professionals create, edit, proofread, and analyze document summaries. From links within Deal Proof documents, attorneys can now gain direct access to cases and statutes in the LexisNexis system. (American Lawyer Media Inc. has a small equity interest in Expert Ease. )

Reader Response no. 353. is an Internet-based document management service. Users can securely fax or scan documents into the predefined applications in their accounts, which are password-protected and 128-bit encrypted. Users can also perform remote faxing, and have data burned to CD-ROMs.

Reader Response no. 354.

Fire & Forget automatic backup systems, from CMS Peripherals Inc., immediately initiate complete or incremental backup of users' hard drives upon connection, storing all data in its native format. The USB pocket-sized 6/10/20/30 GB units are compatible with Mac OS 8.6-9. The Type II PC-Card version, requiring a single PC-Card slot, features 2/5 GB capacity, and compatibility with Mac OS 8.6-9.

Reader Response no. 303.

ZipOffice 10 Classic compresses, uncompresses, and manages files. It supports compression formats including Zip, ACE, RAR, ARC, LHA, and self-extracting Ace, Arc, Arj, Bh, Lha, Rar, and Zip files. The software converts compressed files' formats, and integrates with Microsoft Windows Explorer. From Atypie Software.

Reader Response no. 282.

MountFocus Keyboard Designer 2.1 creates virtual keyboards compatible with any Windows application, and suited for touch-screen, info-kiosk, or differently-abled computing applications. Users can include keys and keyboards of any size or color in their designs, set keys to execute multiple keystrokes, and create multiple page environments. From MountFocus Information Systems L.L.C.

Reader Response no. 283.

BootIt Next Generation 1.25 partitions hard drives into multiple virtual drives to facilitate organization, or run multiple operating systems. It can create, copy, re-size, and delete partitions, or restore a computer following a major system crash. From TeraByte Unlimited.

Reader Response no. 284.

Rapid JavaServer Pages Development tools 1.0 helps JSP and Servlet developers build interactive Web sites. New features include easier installation, enhanced documentation and tutorials, tag library support, and compatibility with Linux, Solaris, Windows NT/2000, and Mac OS X. From SmartMode.

Reader Response no. 285.

DailyEdit 2.1 provides a versatile command set to facilitate code editing. It features automatic and customizable color syntax highlighting, with source code for programming languages including HTML, PHP, CSS, ASP, Perl, C/C++, Pascal, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, VBScript, Assembler, Clipper, Informi, Fortran, Paradox, Python, Tk/tcl, Winbatch, and Cobol. From AnvaSoft Inc.

Reader Response no. 286.

Ping Plotter 2.3 for Windows, from Nessoft, is a traceroute and ping utility that assesses connection statuses in real-time, and troubleshoots problems. It offers a multi-threaded graphical engine and can graph performance and packet loss over extended periods, and save historical graphs for later retrieval and comparisons.

Reader Response no. 287.

Learning Curve

Learning Curve Concord University School of Law has opened the Concord Law Center, offering online programs and CLE courses for attorneys. Its Master of Laws in Health Law program featuring "streaming" lectures, live discussion sessions, dedicated bulletin boards, and listservs.

Reader Response no. 356.

LAWYERStv, the distributor of satellite CLE programs sponsored by the American Law Network, has announced its preliminary 2001-02 broadcast schedule. Programs are produced by the American Law Institute-American Bar Association Committee on Continuing Professional Education, The Practising Law Institute, and others.

Reader Response no. 357.

Western Digital Corp.'s Western Digital FireWire 80 GB, 7200 RPM is an external hard drive that offers plug-and-play connectivity to peripherals including digital cameras, digital video camcorders, and scanners.

It can transfer digital video and audio to Macs in real-time, and can store 20,000 four-minute MP3s, or 8,000 high-resolution photos.

Reader Response no. 302.

Court Docket

West Group, of Eagan, Mn., reports that it has won a five-year contract to publish the New York Official Reports, the official collection of New York trial and appellate court decisions.

West says it will publish the state's appellate decisions and its most important trial court decisions. Formats will include print, CD-ROM and online, says West.

Reader Response no. 355.

The San Diego Superior Court now allows e-filing in new construction defect cases -- as well as for existing construction defect cases with trial dates after October 1, 2001. CourtLink Corp. is operating the service.

Reader Response no. 356.

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