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September 2001
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Tech 101

Distribution Lists: When Less is More

By Roberta Gelb

THERE MAY BE times when you need to e-mail most, but not all, of the people on a distribution list in Microsoft Outlook. Rather than copy and edit the original distribution list, use this technique.

1. Create a new e-mail.

2. Click on the To button.

3. Find the Distribution List (either in the Global Address List or in Outlook Address Books) and select it by clicking once on it (do not double click or click on anything else until the next step).

4. Click on the Properties button.

5. Use Click/Ctrl Click (to select non-contiguous names) or Click/Shift Click (to select contiguous names) to select the recipients.

6. Click on To.

7. The following dialog box appears:

8. Click on Yes.

9. You will be returned to the Properties dialog box in which you will be able to select recipients for the cc and bcc fields. Repeat step five for the ccs and/or bccs.

10. When you are finished, click on OK.

11. You will be returned to the Select Names dialog box.

12. Click on OK.

Roberta Gelb is training manager at Kraft, Kennedy & Lesser, in New York City. KKL managing consultant Rich Conway assisted with this article.

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