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Utilities Roundup

Visual Day Planner 7.2 calendar and scheduling software, from InKline Global Inc., supports recurring engagements and alarms, and offers monthly, weekly, or daily views. Network capability allows real-time updates by multiple users.

Stay Connected! 3.4 simulates Internet activity to prevent disconnection from ISPs. It is compatible with dial-up networking ISPs, including America Online, CompuServe2000, NetZero, MSN, et al.

Reader Response no. 271.

CoolSpeech 4 reads text from local and online sources aloud, or saves it as a .wav file. Its reading controls include play, pause, rewind, fast-forward, and stop, etc. From ByteCool Software.

Reader Response no. 272.

Offline Explorer Pro 1.9 downloads Internet directories, files, and entire Web sites, for offline use. It can download up to 500 files simultaneously, and can burn sites to a CD-ROM with an "autorun" option. From MetaProducts Corp.

Reader Response no. 273.

PdfFactory converts documents from any Windows application with printing capabilities, into PDF files. It combines any set of documents, deletes unwanted pages, and inserts blank pages into the file as needed. From FinePrint Software.

Reader Response no. 274.

CaptureWizPro copies, saves, prints, e-mails, or makes sticky-notes out of text or graphics onscreen. From PixelMetrics.

Reader Response no. 275.

PhotoPhilia 1.6 organizes and enhances images and movies on users' computers with a multi-pane, Explorer-style interface featuring thumbnails, bookmarks, etc. From Pholix Software.

Reader Response no. 276.

Imatch 3 archives, manages, and mines digital image collections. Users can select standard or custom criteria to search its XML-based repository, and share data. From

Reader Response no. 277.

SurveyGold 6.3 creates and administers surveys and exams. It can publish results in a browser, or filter results, and selectively pass them to an internal analysis engine. From Golden Hills Software Inc.

Reader Response no. 278.

SoftWriting converts handwriting into typed text or Microsoft Word files. It supports TWAIN-compatible scanners, learns handwritten abbreviations, and achieves 98 percent recognition accuracy in multiple languages, says CharacTell Ltd.

Reader Response no. 279.

Autocomp Smart Login saves password log-ins, and fills in Web forms. It installs into the Microsoft Internet Explorer 5+ browser. From AUSCOMP WORLDWIDE.

Reader Response no. 280.

Sessamee Open Portals is a navigation system, with a multi-pane interface providing tree and detail views. Its home page is customizable with drag-and-drop control. From Windigo Systems.

Reader Response no. 281.

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