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September 2001
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West Group Hub Launched

WEST Group has revamped its corporate Web site,, with new online product ordering tools, status checks, and histories.

Visitors can search West products by key word, practice area, or jurisdiction, and use an 'E-mail Your Librarian" function to notify their firm's buyers to purchase specific titles or services, including a line of reference e-books for handheld computers.

West Group has also announced a three-year deal with American Lawyer Media Inc. to provide content from ALM's L Magazine for West's law school portal,

The companies will develop co-branded L Magazine Web pages with full-text editorial and graphics from the magazine, and enhanced editorial features and links to related content on Westlaw.

The online and print versions will be published simultaneously, and previous issues will be archived electronically, accessible through lawschool.westlaw. com. (American Lawyer Media Inc. is the publisher of Law Technology News.)

Reader Response no. 263.

The American Bar Association has unveiled its new Web site,, providing answers to legal questions on a variety of issues.

Topcis include family law, financing, home issues, work matters, criminal, and more.

Reader Response no. 264.


FindLaw Inc. has introduced its "Breaking Documents" and "Weekly Documents" e-mail newsletters via, providing access to time-sensitive legal filings from high-profile cases.

The "Breaking Documents" newsletter delivers motions, complaints, judicial opinions and more, as the news breaks. The "Weekly Documents" newsletter is delivered each Wednesday, and summarizes the week's significant legal trends.

Reader Response no. 265.

.info Registration

Net Searchers has announced its Managed Multiple Applications Service, allowing companies to increase their chances of securing particular ".info" domain names by submitting multiple applications. The service is available during the ongoing ".info" sunrise period, the period of time for trademark and service mark holders to preserve their marks; and will continue into the "Landrush" period open to all registrants.

Reader Response no. 266.

Workplace Law Radio

Interactive Employment Training Inc.,, and, have collaborated on the launch of Workplace Law Radio, at

Reader Response no. 267.

West & the NBA

West Group has reached an agreement with the National Bar Assoc-iation to become the exclusive distributor of NBA educational programming on the Web via its continuing legal education service, West LegalEdcenter.

Materials include Justice on Trial: Racial Disparities in the American Criminal Justice System; Select Issues in Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibilities; and Employment Law Trends for the Next Decade.

Reader Response no. 269.

PLI & Cognitive Arts

The Practising Law Institute has partnered with Cognitive Arts to distribute a series of Harvard Business Online course in finance, accounting and negotiation.

Designed originally for M.B.A. students, they can help lawyers understand financial principals and concepts used in business transactions and operations, reports PLI.

Reader Response no. 270.

Netscape 6.1

Netscape Communications Corp. has updated its Internet browser suite, Netscape 6.1, with improved performance and stability. New features include a personal security monitor, and improved search capabilities.

The suite includes Netscape Navigator, Netscape Mail, Netscape Instant Messenger, Netscape Composer, and Netscape Address Book.

Reader Response no. 289.

CyberMatrix Meeting Manager 3 is a multi-user meeting scheduler that coordinates site and special resource booking. Client/Server and Web versions can be used with multiple-user access via Intranet or Internet. Each features three views, archiving and search functions, three levels of security, and e-mail notification of changes in bookings. From CyberMatrix Corp.

Reader Response no. 290.

Live Chat!

Live Chat! Miller Nash L.L.P.'s redesigned Web site now offers live chat. Visitors can converse with a member of the firm's client services department to find out about available services. The upgraded site can now be accessed by "Web-clipping" services so that users of handheld computers (Palm, Handspring, etc.) can get office directions, names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of lawyers, says the firm.

Other new features of the site include "flash reports" with legal updates; online sign-ups for publications and events; a secure news media area; and client Extranets.

"We're also accepting applications for jobs online, and we have a few short video clips targeted at law students trying to decide what law firm is right for them," says the firm's director of recruiting, Jojo Hall.

Reader Response no. 268.

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